About Angel Essences

The Angel Essences are a set of 20 essences that create a bridge between your everyday world and that of the Angelic Realms, linking you into their web of light and higher consciousness.

Each of the Angel Essences transmits a particular spiritual quality that reminds your energetic system of your own divine angelic blueprint. The Angels will work with you through these vibrational essences so you can activate their qualities for spiritual transformation and higher awareness.

Call on them for angelic assistance, divine inspiration, illumination and guidance as you take these beautiful essences. Angel Essences come in a choice of dropper and spray versions so you can use them to transform your personal energy and the energy of your home or workplace.

The twenty Angel Essences can be bought as individual bottles or as part of a set of ten or a complete set of all 20 in either 10ml or 25ml size bottles.

How the Angel Essences came to be

This beautiful set of essences was originally made at the request of the Angels themselves who wished to have another medium through which to bring more light into the world. Each Angel explained how the vibrational frequency of the flower they had chosen would help humanity and also came forward to add its own energy to that of the flowers used during the making process. They promised to assist each and every one of us who calls on their help, so do remember to request their presence as you work with this set of essences.

The Angelic Realms

Throughout history the Angelic Realm has traditionally been recognized as a source of help and inspiration in our lives and there are many wonderful stories told all over the world that remind us of this truth.

Angels belong to a separate but parallel evolutionary stream to humanity and have always worked very closely with us, however since they vibrate at a higher vibrational frequency than we do, are not normally visible to us. They work ceaselessly and selflessly to bring about the manifestation of the Divine Plan and will be at our side with inspiration and encouragement each time we align ourselves with the higher plan of our lives. They delight in helping us to manifest the attributes of our soul and to see our lives from a greater perspective than simply that of our personality self.

Each of us has a Guardian Angel who guides and protects us through all of our lifetimes. This special Angel also holds the vision of the purpose and direction we have chosen for each lifetime firmly in the light of its higher awareness, inspiring us to manifest our greatest potential.

Connecting with the Angelic Realms

We have noticed over the years of making and using these essences that more than ever before the Angels are now able to connect more strongly with all of us. This is because the vibration on Earth has been rising steadily over recent years and we now vibrate at a higher frequency than we used to do, making it much easier for us to connect with the Angelic Realms and they with us. There has never been a better time to enlist the help of the Angels – invite them into your life now and be prepared to be enlightened and inspired.

How to Use


A normal adult dosage would be 4 drops on the tongue 4 x a day.


The Angel Essences can be used in two ways; if you feel in need of inspiration take four drops and call on the help of the Angel you require - repeat as necessary. Alternatively take four drops four times a day, again asking for the Angel to be activated with each dose, until you feel a shift in consciousness. For best results take straight from the stock bottle, without further dilution, and preferably take at least 10 minutes away from food and drink.

How Many Essences Can I Take?

A normal adult recommendation - you can either to use the Angel Essences separately or mix 2 or 3 together, although it is often more powerful to work with each Angel separately. We wouldn't normally recommend using any other essences whilst using the Angel Essences, except the Traditional English Flower Essences.