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Angel Essence Sets

Angel Essence Sets

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Angel Essence Sets The 10ml or 25ml set comes in an attractive card presentation box and the 30ml spray set comes without presentation box.

Angel Essences Complete Set Angel Essences

A beautiful set of all 20 Angel Essences from the Angel of Abundance to the Angel of Wisdom ‐ helping you to work with the divine frequencies of the Angels.

This set contains the Angels of: Abundance, Beauty, Compassion, Determination, Forgiveness, Glory, Grace, Harmony, Hope, Joy, Love, Mercy, Patience, Peace, Purification, Strength, Tranquillity, Transmutation, Truth and Wisdom.

Angel Set One

Contains the following ten Angel Essences: Angel of Abundance, Angel of Compassion, Angel of Forgiveness, Angel of Glory, Angel of Joy, Angel of Love, Angel of Patience, Angel of Peace, Angel of Purification and Angel of Tranquility.  

Angel Set Two

Contains the following ten Angel Essences: Angel of Beauty, Angel of Determination, Angel of Grace, Angel of Harmony, Angel of Hope, Angel of Mercy, Angel of Strength, Angel of Transmutation, Angel of Truth and Angel of Wisdom.

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