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Angel Essences

Angel Essences

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Angel Essences: For connecting to the Angelic Realms

The Angel Essences are a set of twenty essences ‐ from the Angel of Abundance to the Angel of Wisdom ‐ that create a bridge between your everyday world and that of the Angelic Realms, linking you into their web of light and higher consciousness. 

How to Use: A normal adult dosage would be 4 drops on the tongue 4 x a day. The Angel Essences can be used in two different ways: if you feel in need of inspiration take four drops and call on the help of your chosen angel  ‐ repeat as necessary. Alternatively take four drops four times a day again asking for help with each dose, until you feel a shift in consciousness.

For best results take essences from stock level, away from food and drink. 

Storage Advice: Store in a cool place away from TV’s, mobile phones, microwaves, computers etc.

A-Z Of Angel Essences

  • Angel of Abundance (Abundance | Generosity of Spirit | Prosperity)
  • Angel of Beauty (Beauty | Appreciation | Radiance)
  • Angel of Compassion (Compassion | Acceptance | Unconditional Love | Empathy) 
  • Angel of Determination (Determination | Will | Purpose | Focus)
  • Angel of Forgiveness (Forgiveness | Healing | Hurt Feelings | Acceptance)
  • Angel of Glory (Glory | Magnificence | Celebration | Awe)
  • Angel of Grace (Grace | Effortlessness | Love | Ease)
  • Angel of Harmony (Harmony | Resonance | Alignment | Disharmony)
  • Angel of Hope (Hope | Light | Potential | Despair)
  • Angel of Joy (Joy | Wonder | Happiness | Sadness)
  • Angel of Love (Unconditional Love | Light | Separation | True Self)
  • Angel of Mercy (Mercy | Compassion | Liberation | Fairness)
  • Angel of Patience (Patience | Relaxation | Spaciousness | Presence)
  • Angel of Peace (Peace | Calm | Composure | Serenity)
  • Angel of Purification (Purification | Cleansing | Release | Light)
  • Angel of Strength (Strength | Energy | Power | Resolve)
  • Angel of Tranquillity (Tranquillity | Calm | Stillness | Meditation)
  • Angel of Transmutation  (Transmutation | Alchemy | Consciousness | Transformation)
  • Angel of Truth (Truth | True Nature | Consciousness | Self‐expression)
  • Angel of Wisdom (Wisdom | Soul | Inner Guidance | Knowing)

More Information About Each Angel Essence:

Angel of Abundance

Keywords: Abundance | Generosity of Spirit | Prosperity 

The Angel of Abundance will help you to remember that you live in an abundant universe, and that you are part of the flow of divine universal energy, within which there is plenty for everyone.   The vibrational quality of abundance feels generous, expansive and loving, so working with the Angel of Abundance will help you to experience more of these qualities in your heart and your energy field, attracting more of the same. The Angel of Abundance essence will help you to feel abundant in heart and generous in spirit so you can release feelings of lack or fear about not having enough. Allow it to expand your capacity to give and receive fully and freely, knowing that the divine is the source of all.

Angel of Beauty

Keywords: Beauty | Appreciation | Radiance

The Angel of Beauty essence opens your heart, eyes, and mind to see the inherent beauty in all things more fully. All natural forms are intrinsically beautiful, there is even beauty in the natural process of decay. The Angel of Beauty will encourage you to notice and appreciate the beauty that is all around you in your life, helping to magnify it and guiding you to find it in unexpected places.    Connecting with the frequency of beauty more consciously will open your senses so that they become more attuned to the wonders of the world.  This attunement will also help you to recognize and appreciate the beauty of your own inner being and the radiant light that shines from your soul.   Use the Angel of Beauty essence if you can’t see your own inner beauty or if you want to attune more consciously to the eternal beauty of the world.

Angel of Compassion

Keywords: Compassion | Acceptance | Unconditional Love | Empathy

The Angel of Compassion essence awakens the vibration of compassion deep within your heart helping you to see everyone, including yourself, through the eyes of unconditional love and acceptance. It will gently remind you how to uplift, empower and support those in need for their highest good. It will help you to dissolve the vibrations of judgement that cause separation and instead take you deep into your heart where you can more easily see that everyone is doing their best according to their level of consciousness. When the Angel of Compassion fills your heart, it becomes natural to act kindly towards yourself and others.   Use the Angel of Compassion essence if you want to awaken the true depth of compassionate presence that is a quality of your spiritual heart. 

Angel of Determination

Keywords: Determination | Will | Purpose | Focus

The Angel of Determination has an energetic frequency that combines the qualities of strength, focus and motivation. It gives you the impetus to keep moving towards a goal or intention, knowing that you have what it takes to succeed. It helps you to keep showing up for your priorities in life, feeling motivated and on purpose. The Angel of Determination awakens the knowing that your commitment to yourself exceeds any doubts you may have about your ability to fulfil your potential. Use the Angel of Determination essence to awaken your ability to fulfil your potential or when you need extra support to stay focused on your intentions, goals and priorities. 

Angel of Forgiveness

Keywords: Forgiveness | Healing | Hurt Feelings | Acceptance

The Angel of Forgiveness is more powerful than any problem, wound, hurt or challenge that could be making it difficult to forgive yourself or others. When you are ready to let go of hurt feelings, call upon the Angel of Forgiveness to help you, because holding other people separate from your heart through lack of forgiveness hurts everyone involved. Call upon the Angel of Forgiveness to bathe you and any challenging person or situation in the healing waters of forgiveness. Let the vibration of forgiveness flow through you and notice how it softens and opens your heart, making it easier to recognise the divinity in yourself and anyone else involved.   Use the Angel of Forgiveness essence to open your heart to deeper acceptance of what has happened so you can move forward without guilt, anger, hurt, blame or resentment towards yourself or others. 

Angel of Glory

Keywords: Glory | Magnificence | Celebration | Awe

The Angel of Glory carries a vibrational quality that is similar to the energy of ‘Hosanna in Excelsis’ being sung by an angelic choir. Evoking awe, celebration and magnificence, this Angel helps you to connect more fully with the glory of creation and to recognise how that glory and magnificence also resides within you. Use the Angel of Glory essence to feel uplifted, bask in the glory of creation, and celebrate how awe‐inspiring the world truly is. Take it if you are ever feeling stuck, limited or insignificant and want to be reminded of the magnificent glory of your soul and of life itself.  

Angel of Grace

Keywords: Grace | Effortlessness | Love | Ease

The Angel of Grace comes to open our hearts so love can pour in and remind us of our inherent divinity. Open‐hearted, expansive, easeful, its vibration brings forth the deep knowing that everything is always unfolding according to the divine plan. Aligning with the Angel of Grace allows space for more ease and flow to guide your life so that you remember that there is no need to struggle or try too hard to make things happen. Call upon the Angel of Grace when you feel in need of Divine assistance to help with the release of old issues that are ready for transformation. 

Angel of Harmony

Keywords: Harmony | Resonance | Alignment | Disharmony

The Angel of Harmony brings forward the vibrations of balance and equilibrium. Call on its assistance when you need help to restore balance to the emotions and tranquillity to the mind during times of turbulence and challenge. Notice when dissonance occurs in your life and what creates it, then call upon the Angel of Harmony to show you how to harmonise those dissonant parts and awaken more resonance with your soul energy. As you do this you will strengthen your ability to resonate with the frequencies of harmony and equilibrium until they become such a part of your energetic signature that they become second nature to you. Use the Angel of Harmony essence to help you in situations that feel disharmonious, dissonant, or disrupted so you can find your natural balance point and soul resonance once again.   

Angel of Hope

Keywords: Hope | Light | Potential | Despair

The Angel of Hope will gently guide and support you to keep the light of hope alive within your heart in times of difficulty or distress. Call on the Angel of Hope to help stand with you when you feel hopeless and to help you expand even the smallest glimmer of hope into a strong light that will uplift your heart and help you to keep trusting in the goodness of life. The light of the soul is always within us and around us, inviting us to step into new possibilities and potential. The Angel of Hope is here to remind you that you are the light of the world.   Use the Angel of Hope essence at times of despair, doubt, darkness, hopelessness, distress, or difficulty so you can find your way home to the light of your true presence.   

Angel of Joy

Keywords: Joy | Wonder | Happiness | Sadness

Joy is a frequency of the heart. Call upon the Angel of Joy to help you ignite the spark of joy in your own heart centre so that you can experience more of this wonderful, uplifting frequency in your life. Joy is the frequency that sometimes spontaneously arises when we witness nature expressing itself, e.g. hearing birds sing, seeing flowers blossom, watching a child play, or catching the light of a beautiful sunrise. Ask the Angel of Joy to awaken more of your true nature so that your heart radiates the joyous light of your own inner being. Use the Angel of Joy essence to help you connect to the frequency of Joy, especially if you are feeling sad, fearful, dark, or disconnected. 

Angel of Love

Keywords: Unconditional Love | Light | Separation | True Self

The Angel of Love works with the frequencies of unconditional love and will gently help you to activate this energy within your own heart chakra. The Angel of Love essence invites you to remember that love is your true nature and encourages you to engage with the expansive flowing ocean of love that surrounds you, allowing it to fill you, and radiate from you. Within the vast all‐encompassing vibration of Unconditional Love, nothing is excluded, nothing is separate. Call upon the mighty power of the Angel of Love to remind you that Love is who you are, and indeed the true nature of all reality.   Use the Angel of Love essence to open your heart, awaken more of your true nature, heal separation, and to transform anything that feels unlovable and unloved either within yourself, other people or in any aspect of your life.   

Angel of Mercy

Keywords: Mercy | Compassion | Liberation | Fairness

The Angels of Mercy carry the refined frequencies of Mercy in its highest form. Their focus is the alleviation of suffering wherever there is a willingness and openness to receive their presence. They work under the new Aquarian Age Law of Divine Mercy, which offers us all the opportunity to clear and release any karmic patterns that we have worked with sufficiently, through the merciful dispensation of our Cosmic Parents. Call on the Angel of Mercy to help you to release any old patterns that are currently holding you back. The Angel of Mercy essence is aligned with the quality of divine justice and fairness for all. These qualities of justice and fairness do not come from a punitive sense of right and wrong, but instead from an open‐hearted spiritual understanding of the divine laws of the universe. Use the Angel of Mercy essence to help you take actions that are attuned with the spiritual qualities of compassion, liberation, and forgiveness. 

Angel of Patience

Keywords: Patience | Relaxation | Spaciousness | Presence

The Angel of Patience will help you to feel more deeply into the frequency of patience, where you can remember how to relax into the ease and flow of divine timing. Call upon the Angel of Patience when you want to slow down your busy mind, release tension from your energy field, and awaken more of the timeless nature of the heart. It helps you to see that when you engage with life from the present moment everything that is important to you will be more easily accomplished in the natural flow of divine timing that is always available from this space. Use the Angel of Patience essence if you feel impatient with yourself, with others, or with how life is unfolding so you can awaken a deeper understanding of the wisdom and perfection of the flow of divine timing.    

Angel of Peace

Keywords: Peace | Calm | Composure | Serenity

Peace is a vibration that is most available to us in the stillness found in the deepest recesses of our heart chakra. In the external world the vibration of peace can often be experienced in a wild place in nature or in a place that has been used for sacred practice for many years. Call upon the Angel of Peace to assist you when you wish to bring this frequency more fully into your life. Ask the Angel to stand with you so that you can tangibly experience the frequency of peace, allowing it to send ripples of calm through your thoughts, emotions, and energy field, reminding you how to attune to this frequency more fully. Working with the Angel of Peace essence will help you to invite more composure and tranquillity into your heart and life especially if you are experiencing turmoil, chaos, worries or fears. As the Angel of Peace infuses you with its serene energies you can make peace with yourself, feel deep peace within you, and radiate the vibration of peace out into the world. Use the Angel of Peace Essence if you are feeling troubled, at war with yourself, or battling with others and it will help you to experience greater unity, acceptance, serenity, and calm.   

Angel of Purification

Keywords: Purification | Cleansing | Release | Light

The Angel of Purification brings a fresh, clear, purifying frequency into your life which can be called upon to cleanse and release anything that feels murky, unsettled, or dense. Its energetic frequency is like early morning sunshine sparkling on a mountain stream. Angel of Purification essence is aligned with the highest frequencies of light, so it reminds you of your own true nature of light. Call upon the Angel of Purification to help you cleanse and release any toxic thoughts, beliefs or emotions that are preventing you from remembering the pure light of your spirit. Use the Angel of Purification essence to shower you in the pure light of consciousness. Ask it to wash away anything that no longer resonates with you so that your true light can shine forth. 

Angel of Strength 

Keywords: Strength | Energy | Power | Resolve

The Angel of Strength will help you to reconnect with the vibration of strength at a core level so that you can live your life in a way that resonates with your inner truth, even when that seems challenging or difficult. Call upon the Angel of Strength when you feel lacking in sufficient energy and strength to accomplish what life is asking of you, either mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.   Notice how you feel in your energy field after taking the Angel of Strength essence. It will go where it is most needed, so you might experience its presence as a greater energetic power within your body, more stability in your energy system, more certainty in your mind, or more commitment in your heart. Ask the Angel of Strength to fill you with its presence. Use the Angel of Strength essence when you doubt your own capacity and resolve or welcome its powerful energy into your life in times of adversity or self‐doubt. 

Angel of Tranquillity

Keywords: Tranquillity | Calm | Stillness | Meditation

The Angel of Tranquillity will help you to access your own inner centre of calm stillness so that it is easier for you to experience the vast expansiveness of your soul. It quietens your mind, calms your emotions, and helps your body to relax so you can drop deeper into a meditative space.   The frequency that the Angel of Tranquillity brings is similar to one that you might experience when sitting next to a still and beautiful lake with no ripples on the surface. You might like to visualize yourself sitting beside a still lake while working with this essence to deepen the experience. Call upon the Angel of Tranquillity when your mind is racing, your emotions are turbulent or whenever you want to access a calm, serene space of infinite tranquillity. This vibration can be available to you when you are going about the activities of your daily life as well as in meditation so the more you invoke it, the more embodied it will become. Take the Angel of Tranquillity essence whenever you want to enter a space of deep inner stillness and quiet calm in your daily life.   

Angel of Transmutation

Keywords: Transmutation | Alchemy | Consciousness | Transformation

The Angel of Transmutation elevates your energy, raising your vibrational frequency so you can experience more of the lightness of your true being. It has an alchemical energy, transforming low frequency energies and liberating you from suffering. Working with the Angel of Transmutation essence allows things to change form, so unexpected shifts in your circumstances and consciousness can occur. There is both power and lightness to this vibration. It elevates your consciousness so you can bring your awareness to difficult or painful things without identifying with them. Use The Angel of Transmutation essence to raise your vibrational frequency at times of deep clearing and inner healing or when things feel too painful or difficult to cope with alone. 

Angel of Truth

Keywords: Truth | True Nature | Consciousness | Self‐expression

The Angel of Truth invites you to experience and express more of your true self as part of the process of awakening to who you really are. It will guide you deep into your heart to connect more fully with your inner truth and soul self. The Angel of Truth essence will support and guide you to discover your inner truth and help you to express that truth with love in all situations. It will also help you to recognise that your truth is always relative to your current level of consciousness, so your truth will evolve and change as your consciousness expands. 

Angel of Wisdom

Keywords: Wisdom | Soul | Inner Guidance | Knowing

The Angel of Wisdom will help and support you to access your own innate inner wisdom by strengthening the connection between the heart and brow chakras. It will guide you to remember that knowledge becomes wisdom when we allow the vision of the higher mind to interpret the knowledge we have gained from the perspective of the heart. Through the alignment of heart and mind we enter the realm of the soul and experience the deep knowing that our soul wisdom offers us.   The Angel of Wisdom will guide you to listen to your inner guidance and true knowing so use this essence when you feel uncertain, disconnected or self‐doubting.   

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