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Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essence Sets

Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essence Sets

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Complete Set of The Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences.

There are ten Essences: five are made from the Platonic Solid shapes, three from sacred geometric shapes ‐ Sphere, Star Tetrahedron and Flower of Life, and two combination essences ‐ Metatron’s Blend and Inner Light.

Key Points: Reminders of our original blueprint | Expansion of consciousness | Clear focus on raising consciousness

Essence Type: Single Vibrational Essence | Stock Level | Drops or Spray

How to Use 10ml & 25ml Bottles: Take 4 drops on the tongue from your chosen essence between 2 & 4 x a day, continuing until the bottle is finished. 30ml Sprays: Spray liberally into the auric field for a quick energetic re‐balance or use over a period of time to support more permanent transformation. Preferably take 10 minutes away from food and drink.

These are all stock level essences, to gain maximum benefit from your essence we recommend that you take it without further dilution.

Tetrahedron Essence: Platonic Solid (Fire – Divine Spark of Life)

The Tetrahedron focuses the energy of creation in a precise format of light, colour and sound.   You could use a tetrahedron to hold the energetic template for a project or other creative endeavour, while you bring it into physical manifestation.   Use the essence to support change and the exploration of potential, as well as the promotion of decision making, clarity and focus.  

Key Points  Element: Fire  Divine Spark of Life  Clarity & Focus  Change & Potential

Hexahedron Essence: Platonic Solid Essence (Earth – Foundations)

The Hexahedron ( Cube ) provides a structure within which creative intention can be brought into physical form.    Use this essence to help strengthen the foundational structure of the etheric blueprint that provides the matrix for your physical body. It will also help to promote greater awareness of how your energetic structure and the structure of the earth are intimately connected.   This is a good essence to take when you need to bring greater focus and structure to a creative project.

Key Points  Element: Earth  Foundations  Focus & Structure  Creative Intention

Octahedron Essence: Platonic Solid Essence (Air – Thoughts – Higher Mind)

The Octahedron is an important aspect of our own basic energy field, creating a foundational layer for the other layers of our light body. It promotes balance and harmony, reminding us that ‘as above, so below’.   Use this essence to promote greater connection with the higher mind and bring more calmness, balance & harmony into your life. It's particularly helpful if you find it difficult to centred and balanced when there is a lot going on around you.   As you take the essence visualise yourself standing inside your own personal Octahedron and make sure that you leave everything else on the outside of it.

Key Points  Element: Air  Thoughts  Connection to the Higher Mind  Balance & Harmony

Dodecahedron Essence: Platonic Solid Essence (Ether/Spirit – Expanding Consciousness)

The basic shape of the Christ Conscious grid around the Earth is a Dodecahedron. This is also the geometric shape that surrounds each of us on the outer‐most layer of our light body. Use this essence to help expand consciousness and the ability to see beyond the third dimensional framework of existence.   It will also promote a greater alignment with and experience of your own Divinity.

Key Points  Element: Ether/ Spirit  Expanding Consciousness  Divinity

Icosahedron Essence: Platonic Solid Essence (Water – Creativity/Life Force)

The Icosahedron brings in a flow of feminine, creative energies that are both expansive and flowing in nature. Use this essence to expand your natural emotional flow, so that lower frequency emotions can be transformed and replaced by higher frequency ones.   This Essence promotes creativity, movement and flexibility.  

Key Points  Element: Water  Flow of Life force  Emotions  Feminine Creativity

Flower of Life Essence: Sacred Geometry Essence (Divine Blueprint – Sacredness)

The ancient pattern of the Flower of Life is the original blueprint for creation in our universe.   Hidden within the flowing feminine circles of creation that are visible in the pattern, are Metatron’s Cube and all the Platonic Solid shapes contained within it. These structures can be revealed by drawing straight lines connecting the centres of the circles in the correct order. The reflection of your own Divinity is held within the energetic template of this pattern.   Use the essence to release distortions in your own blueprint and connect you more fully with the inter‐connectedness and sacredness of Life.

Key Points  Ancient Memory  Divine Blueprint  Sacredness

Sphere Essence: Sacred Geometry Essence (The Void – Beingness/Creativity)

The Sphere represents the Void, the place from which all of creation is initiated. This is deep, feminine energy that will help connect you with your own creative, sacred centre. If you are feeling scattered take a few drops of the essence and connect with the Sphere that forms one of the outer layers of your energy field, gather all of yourself within it and breath out to the edges of the Sphere and back for a while.   Use this essence when you need help to connect with your own calm, sacred centre of creative ‘beingness’. 

Key Points  The Void  Beingness  Creativity

Star Tetrahedron Essence: Sacred Geometry Essence (Integration – Unity Consciousness)

The human Mer‐Ka‐Bah field is a spinning Star Tetrahedron, activated by light and love.   This geometric shape holds a level of consciousness that will help you to connect to fifth dimensional unity consciousness. Drawn two dimensionally it is the ancient symbol of the Star of David, symbolising amongst other things the weaving together of the spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves.   Use this essence to enhance unity consciousness and bring balance and integration to your inner male/female polarities, heart & mind, and spirit & matter.  

Key Points  Integration  Unity Consciousness  Mer‐Ka‐Bah

Metatron's Blend Essence: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Ether & Void

This essence is for those who would like to work with the energies of all five Platonic Solid shapes and the Sphere together. The energetic patterning of Metatron’s Cube is also incorporated into this combination of essences. It acts as a powerful reminder to our energetic matrix of its original structure and form, as well as stimulating the conscious memory of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life.   This is a universally applicable essence for all those intent upon awakening to their full potential.  

Key Points  Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Ether & Void    Combination of 5 Platonic Solids & Sphere  Awakening to Full Potential

Inner Light Essence: Opening to the Light

The Inner Light Essence is a a blend of all five Platonic Solid Essences & Sphere, together with Gold, Shattuckite & Green Calcite. This combination will help the body and its energetic structure remember how to absorb and use the regenerative properties of light.   We are all currently involved in a process of evolution which is rapidly expanding our consciousness and promoting change in our energetic structures. A major aspect of this evolutionary change is the requirement for us to remember how to use and assimilate high frequency energy in the form of light, through all aspects of our being. However, the old patterns of density that we have become accustomed to, create a resistance to this process that can sometimes be slow to shift, especially at a denser level.   This combination will help to break down that resistance and remind us of our original patterning of perfection.

Key Points  Original Patterning  Combination Essence  Opening to the Light

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