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Inner Child Essences

Inner Child Essences

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The Inner Child Essences are designed to help you connect with and heal your Inner Child, transforming the past to create a new future. Transforming the inner child helps you develop a more positive personality, balanced emotions and greater spiritual connection, as well as creating powerful soul growth.  

These 36 beautiful Flower & Gem Essence combinations were created by Shimara Kumara at Heartsong to facilitate the healing of your Inner Child and to help you return to the radiance of your pure, true self.  

Key Points: Healing the Inner Child | Clear focus on positive inner child qualities | Transformation of unconscious belief patterns and emotional blocks.

Essence Type: Flower, Gem & Crystal Combination Essences | Stock Level Size: 15ml

How to Use: A normal adult dosage would be 4 drops on the tongue directly from the bottle between two and four times a day. We'd usually suggest that to gain maximum benefit from your combination you take it directly from stock without further dilution ‐ this gives you the deepest acting effect from the essence. We'd normally recommend that you finish the whole bottle before seeing whether more of that particular essence or another is needed. Preferably take at least 10 minutes away from food and drink.

We wouldn't usually recommend giving the Inner Child Essences to children under 12.

Acceptance Essence: Self denial, resentment or ‘victim consciousness’

Benefits Loving understanding and acceptance of self, one’s life experiences & relationships. True appreciation of one’s unique gifts and potential.  

Indications Feeling that life is unfair, or that one deserves much better. Unhappy with self and personal circumstances. Anger at the past or bitterness.  

Balance Essence: Balance at All Levels, Particularly Emotional

Benefits Complete balance of mind and emotions. Ability to integrate all life experiences. Self empowered. Able to create boundaries to give more space for self.

Indications Restless or oversensitive; mood swings, constantly up and down. Unbalanced emotions with an oversensitive Solar plexus and all that this entails. Too open to lower astral energies.

Be Here Now Essence: Grounding

Benefits Alert, fully present. More organised and focused. Has energy and enthusiasm to put one’s dreams and ideals into practice, realising one’s Divine Mission and full potential in life.

Indications Spaced out, inattentive, unbalanced behaviour or lacking vital energy. May not hear what others say, possibly clumsy with many ‘accidents’. Living in a dream world; unable to manifest ones Divine Mission in life.

Birth Essence: Releases Birth Trauma

 Benefits Secure and happy being here, no need to be constantly ‘mothered’. Able to embrace change & transformation with ease and grace.

Indications Unwilling to be fully present. Patterns that relate to birth difficulties. (May also be indicated during major life changes and transitions).

Courage Essence: Releasing & Clearing Fears including Karmic Fears

Benefits Fearlessness. Challenges inspire one to act in a positive way, rather than re‐act through fear. Courageous.

Indications Nervous or anxious. Subconscious fears and phobias inhibiting or ruling one’s life. May feel cold all the time. Possible difficulties sleeping at night due to subconscious fears or nightmares.  

Decisive Essence: Lacking Trust in One’s Own Judgement

Benefits Decisive. Always trusting one’s intuition, balanced judgement or inner guidance; uninfluenced by the choices/opinions of others.

Indications Too mental in approach to life. Inability to link up issues clearly to make decisions. Often fear of doing the ‘wrong’ thing due to past mistakes.

Delight Essence: Helps Transform Over Seriousness or Despondency

Benefits Joyful, positive nature, full of kindness, laughter and good humour.  

Indications Despondency, gloom, possible resentment. Lacking spontaneity.

Faith Essence: Lacking Faith and Trust

Benefits Unshakeable trust and faith in life. Deep inner knowing that everything is in its right place and that we really do create what we project out into the world.

Indications Sceptical, pessimistic or doubting nature, with an overly logical, questioning mind. Lack of trust often creates exactly the imagined ‘negative’, yet unwanted results within any situation, relationship or event.

Family Essence: Helps to Clear and Release Inherited Family Patterns

This essence helps to release the ‘negative’ patterning of ones ancestors and transform it. This helps to change our consciousness and further heal the Inner Child.  

The saying “blood is thicker than water” often seems to be a misnomer as many of us say we can “choose friends but not relations”, not realising we chose the exact family to help us clear karma and patterns before incarnating. The hatred, anger or judgement of a past ancestor will carry on down through the family, influencing the behaviour of future generations. So too are carried the guilt and karmic burden of murder and other acts. All are held within the energetic patterning and subconscious of the Inner Child.   This essence helps to release these energetic frequencies, thus transforming not just the self, but also the whole ancestral bloodline and the spirit of the past, through the power of love. 

Father Essence: Father Issues or Patterns Relating to Men

This very important essence helps to release any difficult patterns or emotions related to the father or father figure. Helps develop more love, understanding and forgiveness in the relationship and brings balance to ones own masculine nature, women need this too!

Forgiveness Essence: Opens the Heart to More Love and Forgiveness

Benefits Loving, forgiving, understanding and accepting nature. ‘Lets go’, doesn’t ‘hold on’ to the past. Truly heart‐centred.

Indications   Easily bears grudges, hard‐hearted or judgemental. Bitterness. May inwardly be in denial of any difficult relationships, to avoid facing inner feelings or suppressed anger.  

Freedom Essence: Releasing Controlling Aspects of One’s Personality

Benefits Inner strength and self assurance. Seeing all as equals. Appreciates other peoples unique gifts. Lets others learn and grow in their own way, without needing to ‘help’ or ‘direct’ them all the time.

Indications Controlling or dominating behaviour. Rigid personality. May have an over‐blown sense of self‐importance. Always in the ‘right’. Usually disinterest or fear of any situation where not playing a leading role.

Goodwill Essence: Releasing Deep Rooted Recent or Suppressed Anger

Benefits Equanimity in all situations. Able to express oneself clearly in difficult situations or disagreements, in the moment, lovingly from the heart, honestly acknowledging any anger we may feel.

Indications   Draws in confrontational situations (i.e. always meeting other ‘angry’ people) which then reinforces ill feeling or unconscious hostility towards others. May be in denial of inner feelings with lack of self‐expression, creating many blockages at the Throat chakra.

Gratitude Essence: Transforming Ungratefulness or Resentment

Benefits Genuinely appreciative of everyone and all things in one’s life. Expresses this appreciation and joy to all.

Indications Difficult to please. Appreciates little in life, usually taking life’s gifts and others for granted. Resentful nature. Rarely says thank you.

Grief Essence: Transmuting Grief and Emotional Loss

Benefits More love & understanding of the transient nature of life and yet more awareness of the eternal nature of the soul & spirit. More joy as one realises and feels that, ultimately, one only grieves for one’s own loss.

Indications Deep feelings of sadness and loss, often after death of a loved one. Feels inconsolable and despondent. Emotional emptiness. Self pity. 

Guardian Angel Essence: Connecting with ones Guardian Angel, & Higher Self

Benefits   Feels inspired and connected to one’s higher self through gentle support, protection and guidance from one’s Guardian Angel.

Indications To forge a stronger link with one’s spiritual path, spiritual self and soul for increased clarity and purpose in life. Helps develop more faith and understanding in the Angelic Realms that continually surround and support us.

Humility Essence: Transforming Pride, Superiority & Separation

Benefits Ability to fully integrate with and relate to others in a truly heart centred way, without fears of ‘over‐involvement’, creating emotional cords, or losing one’s own identity. Becoming more human.

Indications Too proud and aloof, finds it difficult to truly empathise and connect emotionally with others due to fears and barriers around the heart. Personal relationships that do not develop a truly loving expression.

Innocence Essence: Transforms Feelings of Guilt and Uncleanliness

Benefits Engenders feelings of purity, innocence and self‐love. It becomes easier to have pure and innocent thoughts, and to forgive oneself, releasing guilt.

Indications Self‐dislike, self‐disgust & all feelings of guilt & uncleanliness, especially over issues relating to sexual expression and intimacy.

Intimacy Essence: Developing a More Loving and Affectionate Nature

Benefits Affectionate, loving nature. No problem communicating and expressing these feelings in a spontaneous, demonstrative way – with a warm smile or a loving hug – appropriate to the situation.

Indications Fear of relationships. Cannot express love and affection to those close in an informal or spontaneous way. Fears physical and emotional intimacy with others.

Love Essence: Developing More Unconditional or Divine Love

Benefits Unconditionally Loving – without conditions.

Indications   Too hard‐hearted or unloving, possibly due to past emotional hurts and wounds. Puts conditions on ‘love’ with many demands, cords and ties, or attachments.

Mother Essence: Mother Issues or Patterns Related to Women

Benefits More love, compassion or forgiveness towards one’s mother. Helps develop the more nurturing, intuitive, feminine, sensitive and creative aspects of one’s nature. Better relationships with women in general.

Indications Anger, difficulty sadness over relationship with one’s mother and/or problems with feminine or receptive side of one’s own nature. Possibly oversensitive or emotionally needy. Problems with female issues.

Mother Earth Essence: Ungroundedness ‐ Fears Related to Being on Earth

Benefits Feels confident and secure in all situations however alarming they may outwardly appear. Knows that all is in Divine Order. Enjoys being out in Mother Nature, feels very connected to Mother Earth. Fully present and grounded.

Indications Anxieties and fears often related to the wild, seemingly untameable & capricious aspects of Mother Nature. Constantly insecure as unconsciously perceives the whole world as a very unsafe place to be. Possibly spaced out, with many ‘accidents’.

Moving Forward Essence: Feeling Stuck in a Rut or Unable to Move On

Benefits Manifests one’s visions. Enjoys change, takes new challenges in one’s stride. Awareness and acceptance that one needs to fully work through any issue to avoid getting ‘stuck’ and repeating the same scenarios.

Indications Not knowing where to go or what to do next. Keeps repeating the same patterns or mistakes. Needs change, but unable to move out of the comfort of one’s ‘security zone’ through fear or inertia.

Obsessions Essence: Obsessive or Compulsive Behaviour Patterns

Benefits Healthy interest in many things, yet the ability to detach & let go – thus seeing their value within a wider, more inclusive perspective.

Indications Focuses on one thing, to the exclusion of all else – cannot see a wider picture. Self‐ gratification or addictive behaviour that perpetuates itself as that part of one’s consciousness gets stuck in the lower astral levels.

Peace Essence: Releasing and Transforming Shock & Trauma

Benefits Unshakeable inner peace. Courage to look at and release any shock or trauma as it happens, and also from the past, rather than shutting down one’s emotional responses through fear.

Indications   Shadows cloud one’s true radiance. Undermined confidence. Feeling numb or frozen inside, as if in a state of ‘suspended animation’.

Prosperity Essence: ‘Poverty Consciousness’ into Divine Abundance

Benefits Divine Abundance flows in all aspects of one’s life. Trust in the Universe to supply all one’s needs when following one’s Divine Path.

Indications Feelings of lack and that there will ‘never be enough’. However much one has, the lingering fear remains, consequently often hoards things, blocking the flow of abundance. These feelings of lack, of being undeserving permeate all aspects of one’s life affecting all relationships with others.

Protected Essence: Oversensitivity to Environment & Energy of Others

Benefits Balanced sensitivity. Can empathise with others without getting drained or corded in emotionally. Does not feel vulnerable in crowded, oppressive or discordant environments.

Indications Feels vulnerable in crowded situations. Adversely affected by the emotional energies of others. Picks up too much on how others are feeling. Often becomes overwhelmed and drained of energy. 

Relate Essence: Communicating with Others in an Open & Honest Way

Benefits Is more one’s true self, relating openly and honestly from the heart, in the now – without an overriding need to please, requiring approval or feeling nervous.

Indications Difficulty expressing one’s true thoughts and feelings. Tendency to relate to others based on past preconceptions, or a need for approval. Suppressed anger or frustration through inability to express or be one’s true self in the presence of others. May have colds, coughs or throat problems.

Release Essence: Releasing Emotional Cords, Attachments & Neediness

Benefits Stands in one’s own energy. More emotionally complete and balanced. Starts to feel and experience more Unconditional Love.

Indications Cannot let go of people, situations or events. Emotionally insecure, requires attention or to feel needed. Can at times be very conditional or contrary. Over emotional, easily feels hurt and sorry for oneself

Self Worth Essence: For Loving and Valuing Ourselves

Benefits Values oneself, one’s time, one’s unique gifts and talents fully. No inner need to ‘prove’ one’s worth or ability, to punish oneself or to compare oneself with others.

Indications   Self dislike, damaged self image or low self esteem. Feels unworthy, beats oneself up for not being ‘good enough’. May strive to achieve or overwork to prove oneself and compensate for inner lack of self worth.

Simplicity Essence: Transforming an Overly Logical & Complicated Mind

Benefits   Uncomplicated, balanced intuition. Life flows with ease as one develops greater ability to feel, trust, sense or simply ‘know’ what is right in any given situation, without having to ‘work it all out’.

Indications   Very mental in approach to life. Always complicates by trying to work everything out in a rational, logical, intellectual way. Blocked intuition; lacks faith & trust as finds it difficult to see things from a wider, more inclusive perspective.

Soul Gifts Essence: Infusing Divine Soul Qualities into Daily Life

Benefits Enriches and inspires life through increased contact with one’s Soul and Divine Abilities. Feels more joy and finds it easier to go within for guidance. Manifests one’s creative and artistic inspiration.

Indications Deep inner knowing that one has ‘untapped’ talents & creative gifts. May feel lacking in certain areas, at odds with one’s inner feelings.

Soul Retrieval Essence: Re‐integrating ‘Lost’ Aspects of One’s Personality

Benefits Feels more whole, joyful and more one’s true self. Easily lets go of past fears/emotional pain as one re‐integrates aspects of one’s Soul.

Indications   Incomplete or clouded personality. Damaged faith and trust in life. Often blind to, or has chosen to forget, issues related to past difficulties.

Stillness Essence: Releasing Irritation & Developing More Patience

Benefits Perfect patience and tolerance. Timeless nature. Gets things done, yet knows when to stop and always seems to have even more free time.

Indications Impatient. May be easily irritated by the shortcomings of others. Fears there will never be enough ‘time’. Inner tension, cannot switch off or slow down. May feel frustrated and suffer from nervous complaints.

Truth Essence: Expressing Oneself Clearly

Benefits   Has no problem expressing oneself, or communicating one’s emotional needs, in the now, in a heart centred way. Becomes more spontaneous, joyful and more of an expression of one’s true self.

Indications Withdrawn nature. Blocked throat chakra – cannot express feelings or emotions clearly. Often self conscious, may blush or stammer easily. May have much suppressed anger. May suffer from throat problems.

Vision Essence: Developing Inner Knowing

Benefits More spiritualised inner knowing and intuition. Starts to see or understand the wider spiritual significance behind all creation. Knows one’s Divine Purpose. Colours may appear brighter as clairvoyant vision is enhanced.

Indications Very mental, gets stuck in details. Little vision in life ‘short‐sighted. Consciousness needs to expand to see beyond a purely material level.


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