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Divine Harmony Essences

Divine Harmony Essences

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The forty Divine Harmony Essences are designed to support your inner journey towards greater wholeness and self‐awareness, activating and aligning you with your own highest potential.

The 40 essences in this set are divided into four groups that reflect the most important areas of focus for us all as we seek to achieve inner balance & wholeness.

Key Points: Deep acting combination essences | Clear focus on 40 positive psychological and spiritual states. |  Transformation of unconscious belief patterns and emotional blocks.

Essence Type: Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Combination | Stock Level Size 10ml & 25ml

How to Use: Take four drops on the tongue directly from the bottle between two & four times a day. Finish the whole bottle then re‐check to see if more of that particular combination or another is needed. We do not recommend taking more than one combination at a time. Preferably take 10 minutes away from food and drink. These are all stock level combinations. To gain maximum benefit from your combination we recommend that you take it without further dilution.

Auric Protection Essence: Creating Safe Boundaries

Use this Essence to help strengthen your auric field and decrease over‐sensitivity. When to Use Over‐sensitivity is a big issue for many people, one that is often experienced as a vulnerability to the emotions or thoughts of other people as well as an inability to define one’s own energy from that of others. Weak energetic boundaries can lead to feelings of being under attack from other people’s thought forms, an inability to know which emotions are actually ours in emotionally charged situations and a tendency to feel energetically drained in crowded situations.

Key Points  Strengthens the auric field  Decreases over‐sensitivity especially in emotionally charged situations  Helps you maintain positive energetic boundaries  Minimises energy drain

Being Present Essence: Becoming Grounded

Use this Essence to help you stay fully present and focused in the now moment. When to Use The habit of ‘by‐passing’ the present moment in life is a very common one, so common in fact that we do not even notice that our attention is more often in the past or future than actually in the current moment. However to be in the ‘driving seat’ of our lives we need to be grounded, focussed and willing to be fully present with whatever presents itself in life, especially in today’s ever changing energy flow. Staying grounded and focussed ensures that we do not simply act out old patterns through lack of attention but instead offer ourselves the opportunity to make new choices based what is currently presenting itself in our lives.

Key Points  Strengthens grounding  Helps you stay focussed in the present  Good for those who easily ‘space out’  Promotes greater everyday efficiency

Clarity Essence: Releasing Confusion

Promotes clarity of thought and the ability to be objective.

When to Use This is the Essence for those who all too easily find themselves going round and round in their minds in that frustrating state of confusion where you simply cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’.  It helps to relax the mental body, dissolve ‘mental blocks’ and encourage the mind to expand so that you reconnect with the greater clarity and positive perspective available from your soul and higher mind. Also helpful for anyone who has a tendency to lose their sense of humour in times of challenge or is prone to hysterical, emotional outbursts.  

Key Points  Dissolves confused, muddled thinking  Expands perspective  Helps with problem solving  Promotes clarity

Concentration Essence: Creating Focus

Promotes concentration and the ability to focus.

When to Use In today’s busy world there are endless distractions that encourage us to focus our attention outside of ourselves. As a result the ability to maintain inner focus and concentration has become something that many experience difficulty in achieving when required. Use the Concentration combination to stimulate focus and concentration, reduce scattered thinking and promote the ability to centre your awareness within yourself. This is an excellent combination to assist students studying for exams.

Key Points  Mental concentration  Focussed attention  Good for studying  Inner Centeredness  

Confidence Essence: Restoring Self Assurance

Promotes greater confidence and self‐assurance. When to Use Lack of confidence in our own abilities can affect our capacity to move forward in life because we do not feel free to give ourselves permission to try new things. Many of us carry unconscious patterns that silently undermine our self‐assurance and block our ability to manifest our full potential in the world. Often the development of self‐confidence has not been sufficiently nurtured and encouraged in childhood leaving an underlying legacy of inadequacy. This Essence will help to heal the related underlying issues and restore a state of positive self‐confidence.

Key Points  Restores true inner confidence  Dissolves self‐defeating patterns  Manifest your true potential

Creativity Essence: Restoring Individuality

Promotes the free flow of natural creativity.

When to Use True creativity comes from the flow of inspiration available from our soul when mind and emotions are balanced and our Heart chakra is open to receive. Creativity is a quality of the feminine intuitive aspect of ourselves and easily becomes blocked when this is not respected and understood. To express our creativity fully we must also be prepared to recognize and value our own individuality and the gifts that we have to offer to the world. Lack of understanding of this and an education system that generally values logical learning over intuitive creativity has left many of us frustrated and disillusioned about our creative abilities. This combination will help to transform these old energies and free up your natural creativity.

Key Points  Encourages creative expression  Freedom to be yourself  Stimulates individuality

Decisiveness Essence: Empowering Choice

Promotes the ability to make clear, concise decisions.

When to Use This is an important Essence for anyone who has a tendency to put off making important decisions or needs to seek support from others to justify their choices before they are finalised. Many people have difficulty in this area because they were not encouraged to develop this quality during the early part of their lives. Too often children are discouraged from following through with their own choices and decisions because a parent or other influential person feels they know better. Many people also carry unconscious memories of past life situations where they have perceived that an important decision lead to difficulty or even disaster. This Essence will help to release the underlying issues and restore the positive quality of decisiveness.

Key Points  Promotes positive decision making  Stimulates inner knowing  Dissolves old patterning underlying indecisiveness

Emotional Balance Essence: Restoring Emotional Stability

Promotes the ability to stay emotionally calm and balanced.

When to Use This is the Essence for those who experience volatile emotions, excessive mood swings or have difficulty remaining calm and balanced in emotionally charged situations. If we are uncomfortable with the expression of our own emotions, especially those that we consider less than positive, they end up becoming buried, which can create imbalances in both the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Common manifestations are feelings of over‐sensitivity and vulnerability to other people’s emotions or the general sense that you are always on an emotional roller coaster ride. This Essence will help to promote a gentle release of buried emotions creating a firm foundation for greater emotional balance as well as a release of discomfort in the solar plexus chakra.

Key Points  Calms volatile emotions  Decreases emotional over‐sensitivity  Promotes emotional balance  Balances mood swings

Feeling Safe Essence: Trusting Life

Dissolves the belief that ‘the world is not a safe place’.

When to Use The unconscious belief that ‘the world is not safe’ is a deep‐rooted and debilitating pattern in many people. It effectively blocks our ability to recognise our connection with the universal flow and contributes to feelings of separation and vulnerability. Sometimes this belief has its roots in experiences of sudden death, loss or trauma from previous incarnations or sometimes it relates to an event in childhood that we have been unable to understand. A very common manifestation of this belief is a vague unjustifiable feeling that something dreadful is ‘just around the corner’. There might also be difficulty coping with change or a lack of trust that life will look after you. This combination will gently help to release and dissolve this old pattern, leaving you free to see life from a new perspective.

Key Points  For those who ‘never feel safe’  Promotes trust in the flow of life  Encourages a sense of inner security

Feeling Worthy Essence: Transforming Unworthiness

Promotes inner nurturing and self‐worth.

When to Use This is the Essence for those who easily feel inferior to others, very sensitive to criticism or perhaps have an unexplainable sense of incompleteness. If we do not receive enough nurturing and a positive image of ourselves from our parents in childhood it can be difficult to recognize our own innate value and self‐worth for ourselves when we grow up. This leads to uncomfortable feelings of ‘never being good enough’, or a sense of being not OK in some indefinable way. Defence patterns such as needing to be right or a need to feel ‘better than’ others in order to feel comfortable are often associated with this state.

Key Points  Dissolves feelings of inferiority  Encourages self‐worth  Promotes positive self‐nurturing

Female Essence: Strengthening Feminine

Take this essence to help you embody your feminine qualities more fully. When to Use This combination will help to clear away any barriers, prejudices or patterns that have formed in the personality around the perception of the feminine principle that might prevent full acceptance and use of this energy in your life. This applies equally to men as it does to women. Feminine qualities tend to be those associated with the less logical side of our nature such as creativity, intuition, wisdom, open heartedness and sharing. The wounded feminine often makes herself known in the shape of a difficult relationship with the birth mother or mother figures in general. Resistance to fully honouring feminine qualities such as intuition, nurturing and creativity within yourself or others, together with a sense of injustice, anger or perhaps fear around the way women have been treated in the past might also be indications of damage to the inner feminine energy.

Key Points  Strengthens & balances the inner feminine – women and men.  Encourages creativity, intuition and nurturing.  Dissolve old patterning relating to misuse of feminine energy.

Forgiveness Essence: Transforming Guilt

Take this essence to help you forgive and move on.

When to Use Guilt is the emotion created when we are unable to forgive ourselves for some past action or situation. Usually the original cause is long buried in our unconscious leaving us with a deep unexplained need to make repayment in some way. For some people this unconscious pattern is a driving force in their lives creating great inner tension and distress. When we are unable to forgive ourselves we may also find it difficult to forgive others. Understanding that we have chosen the events and situations of our lives to provide opportunities for soul growth makes it easier to forgive and move on. This combination helps to promote a greater sense of unconditional love for self and others, transforming feelings of guilt and separation and bringing a greater connection to Source.

Key Points  Dissolves the vibrations of guilt and over responsibility  Releases judgement and self‐condemnation  Promotes acceptance and self‐love

Healing Abuse Essence: Dissolving Trauma

An excellent support for anyone working with issues related to abuse. When to Use Deeply buried trauma from past situations of abuse can create an unconscious belief pattern that ‘things happen to me’ or ‘I am a victim of circumstance’. Like all beliefs this can be a self‐fulfilling prophecy that draws in further experiences of the same. Courage, compassion and forgiveness are required to release these old memories and change the patterns. In these days of rising awareness it is not an uncommon experience for previously suppressed childhood memories of abuse of one kind or another to begin to surface. For some these memories relate to past life experiences, in either case this combination will gently help to release old buried emotions and associated belief patterns so that you are free to make new choices.

Key Points  Dissolves the vibrations of trauma & shock  Releases ‘victim’ patterning  Promotes courage, compassion and forgiveness

Healing Bereavement Essence: Transforming Grief

An excellent support for all situations of bereavement & loss.

When to Use Grief is a very powerful emotion and one that many people are unaware that they carry at an unconscious level. A deep loss, whether caused by death, divorce or in some other way, can leave a shock in our energetic system. When we are unable to release the accompanying very natural emotions of grief and sadness these feelings are gradually buried deeper and deeper into the unconscious. Buried grief can often be recognised as a sense of unexplained sadness in the heart or perhaps as a fear of making a real heart connection with someone in case the pain of loss is repeated. As these old memories are released and transformed it becomes easier to open our hearts and renew our connection with the wholeness of life.

Key Points  Dissolves the vibrations of grief & loss  Transforms buried grief from past lives  Opens the heart chakra  Brings renewed hope for the future

Healing Family Essence: Resolving Family Issues

Provides support for emotional issues relating to family situations, past and present.

When to Use Our families are carefully chosen by us before incarnation to provide maximum opportunity for soul growth and karmic clearing, although we have normally forgotten this by the time we live the experience. If our early family life provides situations that we perceive as emotionally challenging or painful in some way, such as bereavement or divorce, we can develop barriers to communication and trust that unconsciously affect us in later life. Not only does it affect our ability to interact in our everyday lives it also affects our willingness to open the channel of communication with our soul or with those guides and teachers that can help us with our life journey. Use this essence to help clear and transmute these old memories.

Key Points  Dissolves emotional ‘pain’ of unresolved family issues  Promotes open communication  Transforms old family patterning

Healing Relationships Essence: Restoring Intimacy and Trust

Provides support for anyone who finds interpersonal relationships challenging.

When to Use Everything in our lives is in some way a reflection of our own consciousness and our close relationships are no exception. This makes them both an opportunity for growth and a challenge since there is no escape from the reflection of our deepest patterns. Many of us carry deep heart wounds gathered from our experiences in past relationships that we carry forward unconsciously into our current relationships. These inevitably block our ability to sustain an intimate loving relationship because we are not able to give and receive love in a truly open hearted way. Defence patterns then build up in the relationship creating barriers to intimacy as each person projects their painful expectations onto the other. This combination will help you to release these old patterns and encourage greater love and trust in close relationships.

Key Points  Promotes greater intimacy & trust in relationships  Helps dissolve defence patterns  Supports the ability to build loving open hearted relationships

Inner Calm Essence: Transforming Fear

Promotes a greater sense of inner security and wellbeing.

When to Use Fear is an energy that is deeply buried in the human collective consciousness and that can affect all of us from time to time. It is a state that is directly related to our loss of awareness of ourselves as an indivisible part of a universe that has love as its foundational energy. However hard we might try to convince ourselves of this truth most of us have had experiences that have lead us to believe that the reverse is the case, leaving us with deeply buried unconscious traumas that continue to be the source of our everyday fears until they are brought into awareness and the related energy transformed. Our fears are often the weakest link in our personality and deeply affect our balance and well‐being as well as our ability to reach our full potential as human beings.

Key Points  Promotes courage & strength  Dissolves the vibrations of fear, worry & insecurity  Encourages secure inner foundations  Facilitates the ability to move forward easily in life

Inner Certainty Essence: Transforming Doubt

Helps to restore the core emotions of faith & trust.

When to Use Doubt is an emotion created by the loss of conscious understanding of our connection to the Whole. When our consciousness closes down we become isolated and marooned in the personality, without access to the greater picture of life. For some this very debilitating emotion comes to the fore when the events of life are apparently not going the way the personality feels they should, although from the perspective of the soul everything is exactly as it should be. Doubt can also be one of the defence mechanisms used unconsciously by the personality to avoid the need for change. This combination will help transform doubt into inner certainty, helping you to see life from a wider perspective.

Key Points  Dissolves the vibrations of doubt & uncertainty  Helps to transform feelings of pessimism & cynicism  Expands perspective so you can see the bigger picture

Inner Focus Essence: Enhancing Meditation

Use this combination to help deepen your experience of meditation. When to Use For most people some form of meditation or contemplation is an essential part of building a strong connection between personality and soul. The common goal of all forms of meditation is to still the mind and calm the emotions in order to leave a space in which we can open‐heartedly connect with the wisdom of our soul. It requires intention, focus and practice and it can be all too easy to allow the distractions of the outer world to draw you away from your inner focus. This combination will help you to find the inner pathways that will deepen your experience of meditation, bringing a greater sense of centeredness and alignment with your soul.

Key Points  Helps still mind and emotions  Promotes greater inner focus  Encourages energetic alignment & connection

Inner Freedom Essence: Transforming Judgement

Use this essence to help promote tolerance and personal freedom.

When to Use The energy of intolerance in its unbalanced form carries the potential for us to be both judgmental and critical either of others or ourselves. Intolerance is a very common emotion today since we live in a society that strongly identifies with the polarities of ‘right’ & ‘wrong’. For most of us this patterning was reinforced by our upbringing in childhood. However seen from a higher perspective judgment simply holds us in polarity consciousness and stifles our spiritual growth. Opening our heart and extending tolerance to ourselves allows us to remember that there is no right or wrong way to do things, simply a choice in each moment of how we express our own uniqueness. As we allow this freedom of expression within ourselves it becomes easier to extend it to others.

Key Points  Helpful for anyone with a strong ‘inner critic’  Helps dissolve the vibrations of judgement and criticism  Encourages an open minded approach to life  Promotes the freedom to be yourself

Inner Harmony Essence: Relaxation

Use this essence to help you slow down and switch off.

When to Use Inner harmony is a state created when the heart and mind work together in a balanced partnership in which the knowing of the heart is given equal status with that of the mind. In today’s activity orientated society the recognition of the importance of this balance has been all but lost, with the result that many people over strive in the outer world and can no longer slow down enough to connect meaningfully with themselves at an inner level. This very common pattern often manifests as an emotional or mental ‘tightness’, an overactive mind or simply an inability to relax and ‘switch off’. This combination will help promote a state of inner relaxation in which new perspectives become possible as the consciousness of the mind and that of the heart come into greater balance.

Key Points  Calms on overactive mind  Releases emotional or mental ‘tightness’  Promotes inner relaxation and peacefulness  Good for those who habitually overwork

Inner Joy Essence: Transforming Despair

Use this essence to help create greater joy & light in your life.

When to Use Despair and despondency are emotions that are created when we are unable to connect with our own inner light. Deeply traumatic experiences that feel overwhelming to the personality can sometimes result in the choice to close parts of ourselves away. Often these experiences are long buried in previous incarnations but the wounds are still there, with the result that we feel separate and alone. Joy is the feeling that is generated when we are able to connect with and express our true selves. To reconnect with our own innate inner joy we must first release those feelings of despair and despondency that we carry at a deep unconscious level. These feelings can cover many states of mind & emotion ranging from a mild flat feeling to a big black hole of despair from which there seems no way out. This combination will help you to unravel and release the deep‐seated patterns that contribute to these feelings.

Key Points  Dissolves feelings of despair & despondency  Helps you reconnect with your own inner light  Promotes new inspiration and hope

Inner Peace Essence: Transforming Anger

Helps to dissolve vibrations of anger and rage.

When to Use Anger is a very normal human emotion, yet it is also one of the more difficult emotions for us to own and bring into balance. Often this stems from a childhood where it was considered ‘bad’ or inappropriate to express anger or rage. Lacking positive guidelines on how to deal with these very natural emotions, many people carry suppressed anger and rage, which they are either afraid to express, or are hardly aware of because they have buried it so deeply. This kind of buried anger can often act as a barrier to releasing other emotions that are more deeply layered.  

Key Points  Helps to dissolve vibrations of anger and rage within yourself  Brings resolution to inner conflicts  Helpful if you have a tendency to draw angry people into your life

Inner Strength Essence: Restoring Inner Resolve

Helps to strengthen and promote the qualities of inner resolve, strength, courage & determination.

When to Use Many of us have areas in our lives where we still find it difficult to stand fully in our own power, possibly as a result of old beliefs that tell us we lack the necessary inner strength and determination. Where we have a need to develop these positive qualities our Soul will offer us opportunities in life that force us to confront the issues. It can feel most uncomfortable when we face up to the challenges presented to us in this way, but also very rewarding as we see our inner strength and determination grow with each new experience. This essence will help to strengthen and promote the qualities of inner resolve, strength, courage and determination.

Key Points  Promotes the ability to stand in your own power & light  Strengthens the qualities of inner strength, determination & positivity  Encourages balanced use of personal & spiritual will

Inner Unity Essence: Male/Female Integration

Helps to integrate and unite the inner masculine & feminine polarities

When to Use When the inner male and inner female energies are both honoured and used equally they complement each other so that the power, strength and action of the masculine is balanced by the inspiration, creativity and wisdom of the feminine received through the heart chakra.   Integrating these two inner energies to work as a unified whole creates a profound shift in awareness that is the foundation for a much greater integration of soul energy into your everyday life. As more of us reach this state of inner unity it will allow the division between the masculine and feminine polarity that is the root of so many problems in our outer world to heal too. Lack of unity between these two energies can leave us searching for the rejected energy in our outer relationships, creating co‐dependency, unhappiness or a sense of inner emptiness.

Key Points  Promotes yin/yang integration  Helps promote balance in personal relationships  Good support for rejection or abandonment issues  Encourages greater soul connection

Inner Wisdom Essence: Connecting Heart and Mind

Use this essence to help you connect more fully with your own inner wisdom

When to Use Stored in our soul memory is all the knowledge that we have previously acquired as well as the gifts and talents we have developed throughout our many incarnations. This personal data bank is the source of our inner wisdom but only becomes available to us as we allow the soul to become the guiding force in our lives. Most important in this respect is the ability to connect the mind with the soul through the heart chakra so that the mind serves the interests of the soul. Until we openheartedly acknowledge the greater perspective of the soul we will always be limited in our perception of the world. This essence helps to forge a link between heart chakra, mind & soul, opening the doorways to the source of our inner wisdom.

Key Points  Encourages greater access to the wisdom of the soul  Strengthens the connection between heart and mind  Promotes inner knowing

Letting Go Essence: Dissolving Attachment

Helps dissolve the pain of emotional attachment.

When to Use One of the most common patterns of all comes from a belief based on a misunderstanding about our relationship to love. There is a general misperception that love is an emotion that is generated by someone or something outside of ourselves, rather than an innate part of our being. It is a very deeply ingrained pattern held in place by many past experiences of separation, grief, fear & loss. At a personality level it leads to unhealthy emotional attachments to people and situations, often characterised by control games and co‐ dependant relationships. It leads us to hold on to old situations far too long either because it feels too emotionally painful to let go or because we do not wish to inflict pain upon another. The Letting Go Combination will help to gently release old emotional pain leaving you stronger and more able to create truly loving relationships.

Key Points  Dissolves emotional pain caused by separation, divorce or bereavement  Helpful to bring new balance to co‐dependent relationships  Releases unhealthy emotional attachments  Encourages balanced, loving relationships

Loving Communication Essence: Honest Self Expression

Supports openhearted truthful expression, particularly in close relationships. When to Use From the perspective of the soul the personality is a vehicle for the expression of its love and light on the physical plane of existence as well as a means of gathering experience and knowledge. This requires that all channels of communication are fully functioning at a personality level, particularly the ability to allow openhearted communication with others. This essence will help to dissolve any blockages in the heart or throat chakras that are preventing honest and loving self‐expression, particularly in close relationships. Not only will this greatly enhance your ability to communicate with those with whom you share your life, it will also promote a greater degree of communion with your soul.  

Key Points  Supports honest, loving self‐expression  Dissolves old patterns blocking free communication  Promotes the ability to feel free to be yourself in all situations

Male Essence: Strengthening Masculine

Helps to strengthen and balance the inner masculine principle in both women & men.

When to Use Dissolves old patterning that prevents the full use of masculine qualities such as strength, logical thinking & initiating action. This combination will help to clear away any barriers, prejudices or patterns that have formed in the personality around the perception of the masculine principle, preventing full acceptance and use of this energy in your life. This applies equally to women as it does to men. Masculine qualities tend to be those associated with the more logical side of our nature such as logical thinking, strength, power and the ability to manifest action in the world. A wounded inner masculine is often characterized by difficulties in life with authority or father figures. Fear and judgement stemming from perceptions of past misuse of power are often at the root of unconscious personality resistance to fully accept and use one’s masculine polarity.

Key Points  Strengthens & balances yang qualities    Clears old patterns & beliefs that prevent full acceptance of this energy  Helps to dissolve authority figure issues

Motivation Essence: Developing Inspiration

Helpful for those who feel a lack of positive motivation or inspiration in life.

When to Use Inner motivation is the force that we use to initiate action in our lives. When our body, mind, emotions & spirit work in harmony with each other, inspiration flowing through from our soul provides the impetus which fuels inner motivation. However, when this positive flow is reduced or cut off for some reason we can find ourselves experiencing feelings of stagnation, lethargy and inertia because we lack the motivation to take positive action in our lives. This is unfortunately a common experience for many because so often our childhood and educational experiences have not encouraged us to act on our individual creative inspiration. This essence will help to gently release and clear the blockages that lead to these feelings, bringing renewed inspiration and motivation.

Key Points  Encourages individual creative inspiration  Dissolves energetic blockages that underpin feelings of lethargy & stagnation  Restores positivity & motivation

New Horizons Essence: Supporting Change

For those who need help to initiate or support change in their lives.

When to Use As the connection between soul and personality strengthens, new ideas, understandings and inspiration begin to flow more freely into our everyday awareness. Usually this is accompanied by a wave of change as old ideas and ways of living are replaced by new. Seen from the perspective of the soul change is an essential part of growth, however it can be something that the personality finds challenging, stressful and difficult because it can appear to threaten carefully acquired comfort zones. Our soul will present us with opportunities for change and then wait for us to take action. If the personality feels challenged by these ‘opportunities for growth’ it can sometimes feel reluctant to step forward causing a stagnation in the natural flow of life. Use this essence to help you connect with the bigger picture of your life and to find the courage and strength to make change.  

Key Points  Helps you negotiate the challenges of change  Encourages connection with the ‘bigger picture’ of life  Dissolves feelings of inertia & stagnation

Open to Receive Essence: Creating Abundance

Helps to transform poverty consciousness into abundance.

When to Use The huge collective belief pattern that there is ‘not enough’ is at the root of many problems in our world today, most obviously the huge imbalance in how we share planetary resources. At an individual level this belief in ‘poverty consciousness’ can lead us to experience a lack of money, joy, love, friendship, work, spiritual connection etc in our lives. From the higher perspective of the soul, true abundance is an integral part of our interconnection with Source and freely available. However many of us carry unconscious patterning that effectively blocks our ability to connect with this all‐important Divine flow. Often lack of understanding of our part in the flow means that we are either not open to receive it, or do not understand how to use it and pass it on. This essence will help you to clear and transform the old patterning that prevents you from opening your heart chakra to connect with the flow of Divine Abundance in all its forms.

Key Points  Dissolves the old patterning of poverty consciousness  Opens the heart chakra  Dismantles barriers preventing oneness with the flow of universal abundance  Balances the ability to give & receive

Restoring Patience Essence: Transforming Impatience

Dissolves vibrations of impatience, frustration & irritability.

When to Use Impatience and frustration are very common emotions in today’s fast moving world where it is easy to forget that there is a place and time for everything if only we would follow the promptings of our own inner voice rather than the demands of the personality. The energy of impatience keeps us from being fully in the moment and often acts as a defence against having to be still and face the emotional turmoil of our inner world. Those who have this pattern very strongly often find it difficult to relate to others and can end up feeling isolated in their own world.

Key Points  Dissolves vibrations of impatience, frustration & irritability  Promotes peaceful, understanding relationships  Encourages greater stillness and the ability to be in the now

Self Acceptance Essence: Restoring Unconditionality

Supports non‐judgemental unconditional acceptance.

When to Use Our soul understands the language of the heart chakra, which is unconditional love. Communication between soul and personality therefore takes place through the heart chakra rather than the mind. Currently, unconditional love is not our ‘default’ setting for communication with each other or indeed ourselves. One of the greatest blocks to this stems from our inability to be non‐judgmental and unconditionally accepting of ourselves. When we deny that we are worthy of love we effectively block the love & light of the soul from reaching the personality. This essence gently helps to dissolve this lack of self‐acceptance promoting a greater degree of unconditional love for self and opening the channel for greater soul communion.

Key Points  Promotes greater self‐acceptance and the ability to love ourselves  Transforms self‐judgement  Dissolves the belief that we are unworthy of love  Opens the heart chakra

Self Responsibility Essence: Transforming Resentment

When to Use Resentment is the emotion that builds up when we are unable to own and express feelings of anger, rage or hurt. It closes the heart chakra, effectively blocking our ability to forgive or to see the higher perspective of the events of our lives. Deeply buried feelings of resentment about past situations lead to a tendency to blame others for perceived misfortunes, feelings of bitterness and the often unconscious belief that we are a victim of circumstance. This combination will help to dissolve & transform conscious or unconscious feelings of resentment encouraging forgiveness and self‐responsibility in all areas of life.

Key Points  Transforms vibrations of resentment and blame  Encourages forgiveness & self‐responsibility  Dissolves ‘victim consciousness’

Sexuality Essence: Remembering Innocence

Promotes the ability to enjoy an open and natural expression of your sexuality.

When to Use Innocent and spontaneous expression of our love for another human being through sexual expression is a beautiful form of communication that we can only experience when we are in physical form. Sadly so many people find themselves unable to fully use their sexual energy due to the many restrictive and limiting belief patterns that have become a part of our collective consciousness down the ages. Blockages in the emotional and mental bodies relating to our sexuality result in an inability to be truly creative and make it difficult to relate to others in a natural and spontaneous way. Sexual energy is a powerful force which when combined with an open heart chakra can completely transform our ability to communicate in our inner and outer worlds. This combination will help to transform these old patterns bringing new balance and freedom.

Key Points  Promotes open, natural sexual expression  Dissolves limiting beliefs relating to sexuality  Promotes spontaneity & creativity

Soul Connection Essence: Enlightenment

Expands awareness and connection with spirit. When to Use The more that we deepen our awareness and connection with spirit through our soul the greater the quantity of healing light and love that is able to flow through all levels of our being. As this light finally reaches deep into the cellular level of our physical body many profound changes take place as the cells and atoms of our body finally release the old patterns of density that have been formed over many incarnations. This is literally what enlightenment is. This essence helps to strengthen the connection with the soul and to remind our physical and energetic structures how to absorb and use greater and greater quantities of light and love.

Key Points  Encourages greater soul connection  Enhances absorption and integration of light  Helps dissolve old patterns of density  Expands consciousness

Spontaneity Essence: Freeing the Inner Child

Promotes greater positivity, spontaneity & joy in life.

When to Use When we have experiences in childhood that we perceive as emotionally difficult or even dangerous in some way, a part of us withdraws as a way of coping with the situation, and is then unable to grow into maturity. As an adult we can then feel incomplete or unable to function fully in some areas of our lives. Often this manifests as an inability to respond to life with positivity, spontaneity and joy. This combination will help you to reconnect with your inner child for healing and release of unresolved memories, emotional issues and fears from childhood. As the inner child is released to ‘play’ again so the adult also becomes free.

Key Points  Helps you to get in touch with your inner child  Dissolves unresolved childhood memories and emotional issues  Encourages greater positivity and spontaneity in life

Thankfulness Essence: Developing Gratitude

Use this essence to help expand the qualities of thankfulness and gratitude.

When to Use Thankfulness and gratitude are amongst the most life enhancing and positive attitudes available to us. When we are truly thankful for absolutely everything in our lives no matter what it is, then we are at the doorway to freedom because we have understood that we are responsible for the events and situations that we draw into our lives as well as our choice of response to them. Acknowledging and accepting our creations with thankfulness and gratitude also creates the opportunity for us to dissolve the old and reform it into something new and positive. Blessing everything within your life with thankfulness no matter what it is, is undoubtedly a challenge but it is also the gateway to self‐mastery. This essence will help to promote the qualities of thankfulness and gratitude.

Key Points  Supports the development of greater gratitude and thankfulness  Encourages positive self‐responsibility  Promotes life enhancing positive attitudes

Transforming Addiction Essence: Dissolving Dependency

Supports the transformation of addictive behaviour of all kinds.

When to Use The belief that something outside of ourselves can make us feel OK is a big pattern for many people today. It is a symptom of the loss of connection with our soul and a consequent over reliance on our mind as a means of living life. In this state our natural emotional flow becomes blocked and our mind constantly creates ways of diverting our attention away from our uncomfortable and often unconscious feelings of separation. For some people these are very deep family patterns that lead to the development of obsessional patterns of behaviour that are often distressing and destructive to all concerned. Some of the more commonly recognized forms of this are dependency on tobacco, recreational drugs, gambling, alcohol, or food. However there are almost unlimited ways in which we can experience this pattern – more subtle examples can be seen in an excessive need for television, music, exercise or even meditation when taken to extremes. This essence will help to work with the issues underlying this state bringing calmness and understanding.

Key Points  Supports the transformation of addictive behaviour  Reduces obsessional thought patterns  Dissolves underlying patterns and issues  Promotes calmness and understanding

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