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Developing Positivity Set - Divine Harmony Essences

Developing Positivity Set - Divine Harmony Essences

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Contains the following 10 Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Combinations:- Clarity Concentration, Confidence, Creativity, Decisiveness, Emotional Balance, Inner Strength, Motivation, Spontaneity and Thankfulness.

About this Group Everything that we think and feel contributes to our energetic signature, which determines the quality of life we experience, as well as the ability of body, mind, emotions & spirit to function as an integrated whole. The more balance we can bring to the personality the greater our power to bring about positive change in both our inner and outer worlds. At a collective level we share a common consciousness to which we all contribute and from which our collective reality is created. As each one of us makes a conscious choice to make our contribution a positive and loving one the easier it will be for everyone to experience unity and balance. The following essences offer assistance with the development of positive personality qualities.

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