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Bach Flower Remedies Affirmation Cards

Bach Flower Remedies Affirmation Cards

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A set of 38 Affirmation Cards to augment the use of Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies Affirmation Cards can either be used to complement a current Bach Flower Remedy treatment or used as a diagnostic tool before starting one.

As Bach Flower Remedies are an energetic treatment they can work hand in hand with affirmations to create greater balance in one's mind, spirit and emotions.


  • 38 affirmation cards corresponding to each Bach Flower Remedy
  • 7 Bach group cards
  • 1 instruction card

all in a card case and shrinkwrapped

How to use Affirmation Cards with a current Bach Flower Remedy treatment

These inspirational cards help to increase the efficacy and success of any Bach Flower Remedy treatment. There are 38 cards in total, each one corresponding to one of the flower essences within Dr Bach's remedy system.

For every Bach remedy used in your current treatment, take the corresponding affirmation card out of the box (these are called your Treatment Cards). Each day of your Bach Flower Remedy treatment you are to pick ONE affirmation card out from the treatment cards - the card you choose should be the affirmation most aligned with the energy you'd like to focus on for the day, or the affirmation that resonates most strongly with you.

It is suggested you carry your daily affirmation card with you all day - they have been designed for portability and durability so they are perfect fit for your palm, pocket, wallet or bag. You can even sleep with the card under your pillow.

Whenever you take a dose of your Bach Flower Remedy take a moment to be still, read your affirmation and repeat the words to yourself a number of times. Used in this way the affirmation cards are a wonderful support tool for transmuting old negative thought patterns and energies into their more positive counterparts.

How to use Affirmation Cards as a Bach Flower Remedy diagnostic tool

The Bach Flower Remedies Affirmation Cards are a great diagnostic tool for when you are feeling a bit 'off' but can't quite put your finger on the reason why.

Just go through each card in the deck and see which affirmations speak the loudest to you. Which ever emotional, spiritual or mental disharmony you're experiencing right now will be unmistakeable if you find the affirmation card it is meant to treat. "Yes," you will say, "that's exactly how I want to feel right now".

Select up to seven Bach Flower Remedies Affirmation Cards, and combine each corresponding Bach Flower Remedy into a treatment bottle.

It is also very interesting when you give these cards to children and notice which card they pick out! Ask them what it is about that particular card that drew them to it and let them tell you what is on their mind - they may very well surprise you. 

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