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Integrating Spirit Set - Divine Harmony Essences

Integrating Spirit Set - Divine Harmony Essences

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Contains the following 10 Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Combinations:- Female Essence Healing Family, Inner Focus, Inner Unity, Inner Wisdom, Loving Communication, Male Essence, New Horizons, Self Acceptance and Soul Connection.

The Integrating Spirit Group - Our spirit or soul is the part of ourselves that appears to exist outside of everyday reality, as we generally understand it. However it is a very important aspect of our multi-dimensional self because it holds the vibrations of our true essence and is a vital link in our connection with Source. The blueprint for the optimum direction of our life is stored at soul level as well as our experiences, gifts & talents from other life times. Integrating spirit into our lives by consciously honouring the connection with our soul is vital if we are to enjoy true harmony, balance and wellbeing. It can take patience and dedication to strengthen the link between personality and soul that allows them to work as one. The personality is required to bring balance to the polarity consciousness in which it has lived and to open its heart to accept the love and higher perspective of the soul as the guiding force in its life. Making and honouring this alignment opens up possibilities that are undreamt of by the personality on its own. All the combinations in this section are designed to help strengthen the personality/soul connection and to facilitate a greater degree of Divine Harmony.
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