Riding the Energetic Roller Coaster

Riding the Energetic Roller Coaster

As we enter October it is obvious that the energies of change and transformation are beginning to accelerate in ways that we have not yet experienced.

Looking at the energetic flow for this month and beyond, the words that stand out are intensity, turbulence, and speed. We have known for some time that the systems and structures that relate to the old third dimensional paradigm we are leaving behind, will have to change to come into resonance with the new fifth dimensional one. Anything that is not able or allowed to change will eventually have to break down so that something new can be put in its place.

We have reached a point now where the old cannot continue without change. A tipping point has been reached.  The energetic focus this month is likely to be particularly impactful on financial systems and markets around the world. We could see upsets and volatility in this area of life which might feel unsettling and destabilizing, so keep in mind that the changes are necessary to allow something new and more enlightened to come into being.

Leaders, governments, corporations, and organisations of all kinds, as well as each of us as individuals are feeling this pressure to change and adapt as the energies of transformation increase in volume and intensity. You only need to look at recent events in the UK and around the world to see that trying to make things work based on old ideas from the past is becoming less and less viable.

The Aquarian Age energy that we are moving into supports people power, cooperation and equality of resources and opportunities. Excitingly, there are now many new initiatives being set up by groups of forward-thinking people that will be able to take us forward in new ways as the old crumbles.

Saturn/Uranus Square

The long running interplay between Saturn and Uranus will again play out strongly this month as they come together in a square configuration for the last time in this series of meetings. The energetics of this square were very influential all through 2021 so we are quite familiar with the feelings of volatility, intenseness, and friction that it can generate.

When two planets form a square, they push against each other energetically so here we have Saturn wanting to hold the status quo while Uranus wants to bring change that will move us onto a new path, often unexpectedly and at speed.

This energy can be confusing and uncomfortable so if you are feeling particularly activated by this push/pull energetic, remember to take time to breathe yourself into your heart space and allow flow.

Full Moon

The full moon this month is on October 9th and will be exact at 9.54pm UK time. There will be plenty of assertive, volatile, confrontational energies around at this full moon.

The Moon is conjunct Chiron while the Sun in Libra is conjunct Venus, so emotional intensity and the opportunity to heal any deep wounds we may have, are likely to become a focus around this time.

Help from Arcturus

Between October 17th and 19th the Earth makes it annual alignment with the star Arcturus. The evolved beings that live on Arcturus are very much involved in helping the plan for Earth’s evolution to unfold. The light codes and blessings of love, compassion, and higher understandings that are broadcast from Arcturus to the Earth on a constant basis will be particularly accessible to us over this period so do take time out to connect and receive what is being gifted to us for our healing and upliftment.

New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

On October 25th we have a partial solar eclipse at 11.48 am UK time. This eclipse will not be visible in the UK but the energetics of it will not be any less powerful because of that.

The Sun and Moon are both in Scorpio which is a sign associated with deep feelings, emotional intensity and things that are invisible being brought into the open, especially around sexuality and money.

This eclipse takes place on the South Node of the moon with the moon conjunct Venus. The south node is our collective past so here the opportunity of the new beginnings associated with every new moon is likely to coincide with the very obvious ending of something from the past that is preventing change.

The energies of Venus will activate our hearts to help us see beyond the ‘problems’ to allow healing. A degree of drama and intensity could be associated with this so try to stay neutral and calm until the storm passes, which it will.

The Energies of Libra

Each year during October the sun shines onto the Earth through the constellation of Libra, magnifying its energetic influence, and providing an energetic backdrop for all the other planetary alignments and influences in the cosmic line-up for the month.

Astrologically Libra is represented by the sign of the scales and its airy energy brings a focus to the balancing of opposites and an emphasis to the qualities of harmony, balance, justice, and fairness in all areas of life.

At a higher level this energy holds a positive template that we can draw upon, to help us upgrade, restructure and evolve our experience of relating, both internally and externally.

In fact, a perfect antidote to some of the more assertive, conflict driven energies that are part of the energetic mix this month.

Riding the Roller Coaster

All the signs indicate that the roller coaster ride of transformation that we have been on for some time now is about to crank up into a whole new level of intensity.

Seen from a higher perspective this is very positive and purposefully designed to move us into the flow of the new and exciting opportunities now coming on stream. However, from the perspective of our everyday reality, it is probably going to look and feel somewhat messy and chaotic as we negotiate our way through it.

None of us particularly likes disruption but we have had lots of practical experience with how to cope with it over the last few years, so in many ways we are well prepared. Also remember that part of your Soul’s purpose for being here is to help at this critical time of change and that you know exactly how to do that at the deepest level of your being.

You could think of yourself as an undercover light-being embedded here carrying gifts and codes that will activate as your frequency rises enough for them to come on stream. Frequencies are rising fast and as we enter this critical time of change, now is the time to put your focus on what you came here for.

Conscious Weaving

We are now weaving the threads of a new world right here alongside the dying embers of the old one. You could think of this new world as a multidimensional template made up of many strands of living light, woven together to create a fifth dimensional structural framework for us to add to and expand.

We are the weavers of the fabric of reality that will cloth this new structure. The threads that we use to weave this from are the vibrational frequencies that we choose to put our attention on as we move through our daily life experiences. Currently we stand between the old and the new structures and need to be very aware that depending upon our vibrational choices we are either weaving the new reality or strengthening the old one.

Keep in mind that thoughts and emotions consist of vibrational frequencies and that these will act as magnets for frequencies of a similar nature.

So, it will be important this month that we all make conscious choices about how we interact with the drama of change that seems likely to become more obvious in its intensity. You can best do this by remembering to stay calm, taking a few deep breaths and moving into your heart space where you will be able to discern your truth around whatever the situation might be.

This way you can avoid merging your vibration with whatever is going on and losing yourself in the frequencies of the problem as a result.

False Evidence Appearing Real

There is so much of this around at the moment, not only in its simple form as fears that need to be released and cleared but also in a very literal sense that it is very hard to discern truth from untruth. It is becoming the norm in our everyday reality for untrue and partially true information to be spread around as though it is absolute truth.

There are some threads in the energetics this month that will make it even less obvious than usual what information is based in truth and what is purely fiction with a dubious agenda attached to it. Taking a moment to check out the vibrational frequency that a piece of information is based in from the perspective of your heart, will always pay dividends. If it does not resonate with you, detach, let go and choose not to energise it any further.   

Essence Suggestions for October

Vibrational essences are wonderful tools to help us make conscious choices about which vibrational frequencies we wish to energise and weave into the fabric of a new reality and which we do not. This month there could be some quite volatile and intense energies around that will need careful negotiating if we are to avoid falling into old vibrational patterns.

Energetic Intensity

Let’s start this month’s Essence Suggestions with some thoughts about how to cope with energetic intensity and unexpected change as this seems very likely to be something we might encounter as the roller coaster ride of transformation moves into a higher gear this month.

If you find yourself in the midst of a situation that is triggering off something deep and uncomfortable such as fear, panic, stress, or an inability to cope with something that is happening around you the very best essences to help are the 38 Traditional English Flower Essences made to Dr Edward Bach’s method.

Traditional English Flower Essences essences are gentle acting essences that will very quickly pull you back into balance and help you to get a more detached perspective on the situation that you face.

They are best used in combinations of 7 or 8 essences and taken often and consistently over a period of time.

It can be very helpful to just take a little time to identify the states that you particularly experience when you get knocked out of your centre by something so that you can quickly adjust your vibration when needed.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Let’s take the simple fear aspect of False Evidence Appearing Real first, with some reminders of essences that can help you to dissolve and transform deep rooted fears. Check out Inner Calm; transforming fear, Strength & Courage Spray; overcoming fear and Pink Rose to see which might best help you.

If should find yourself feeling fearful because your everyday security feels threatened in some way, then a Base Chakra combination might also be one to consider.

As we discussed earlier there is also a lot of false evidence appearing real in the world right now from the perspective of false information and untruths being passed around as being truth. To be able to discern what is true for us, we need to be able to find our own centre and listen or feel carefully into the vibration of what is being presented. To achieve this, we need to be able to clearly separate our energy from the energy of others around us.

Many of us still struggle with this, especially in volatile situations, so if this is the case for you either a Solar Plexus Chakra combination or an Auric Protection Spray; safe boundaries would be a very helpful starting point. If you are one who doubts themselves then follow on with an Inner Certainty; transforming doubt combination.

 Heart Space

The ability to breathe and drop into your heart centre is key to navigating your way through difficult times. We can all do with some help with this from time to time so here is a reminder of some essence combinations that can provide support with this.

Heart Chakra combination, Unconditional Love and Heart Connection Spray; living in love.

Lastly a reminder of how useful the Positive Vibrations Spray; cleansing negativity can be when you need some help to quickly push up your vibrational frequency by a few notches. This spray is something we use often on ourselves and on our environment, always with great effect.

This blog post was originally written and published by Crystal Herbs in October 2022 and appears on the Basking In Light Wholesale Essences blog with permission and courtesy of Crystal Herbs.


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