Expect the Unexpected | November's Energy Flow & Essence Suggestions

Expect the Unexpected | November's Energy Flow & Essence Suggestions

Expect the unexpected - you are unlikely to be disappointed!

The energy flow for November is without doubt the most intense of the year.

Intensity is a word that we have used several times in our energetic updates recently, but this month promises to be particularly intense, powerful, and volatile, especially during the first couple of weeks.

This is not to say that what happens will not be helpful and beneficial in the long run just that it might feel unusually challenging as we pass through it.

There is an unusual amount of fixed energy around at the beginning of the month, and this will be creating a particularly intense focus on anything that needs to be changed or released in our lives, both individually and collectively.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

At the centre of all this intensity and fixed energy is the full moon lunar eclipse on November 8, one of the most potent that we get to experience.

The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, so this is a north node eclipse that will highlight what we need to release in order to move forward into a new beginning. There are six planets in fixed signs at the time of this eclipse. Sun, Venus, and Mercury all conjunct the south node of the moon in Scorpio, Uranus and the Moon in Taurus very close to the north node, and Saturn in Aquarius. 

The south node of the Moon represents our past so there is a big focus here on releasing what no longer works for us at both an individual and collective level. Uranus on the north node is signalling unexpected and sudden changes designed to take us forward in new ways for the future. This is ultimately very positive but could feel initially quite shocking, unexpected, and challenging as we encounter it.

Eclipses, especially full moon total lunar eclipses, bring endings, completions, new beginnings, and quantum shifts into new states of being. With the Moon so close to Uranus this one is likely to be especially unexpected and unusual in nature. The amount of fixed planetary energies mean that we will feel the intensity of this fully so do take time out to connect in with yourself and remember to stay as calm and balanced as you can.

We may find that with the Sun and Mercury both in Scorpio unexpected and possibly shocking revelations and truths suddenly become visible. The Scorpio/Taurus axis has a particular relationship to currencies, finances, and Earth changes, so seismic activity at a physical level and financial or political earthquakes are all possibilities around this time.

The eclipse will also highlight the energetics of the long running Saturn/Uranus square that is now gradually waning but still close enough to make its presence felt in the mix of energies around this eclipse time.

There is huge opportunity here for us to upgrade our perceptions and to expand our understandings permanently.

Once we move out of the old ‘boxes’ the view changes, sometimes very dramatically, and it is then not possible to go back to the old. This expansion of awareness could awaken many more people and shift others into completely new places. Stay true to yourself and be open to see everything in new ways.

11-11 Gateway

 As always this will be a powerful gateway bringing in expansive high frequency light, love and new codes for our spiritual awakening. Take time out here to connect with your higher self/soul and to receive as much as you can anchor of the rich offerings available to all of us. This will be a time to let go of old limitations and patterns related to the past and step forward as your true self. The eclipse energies should have set us up well for this moment so take full advantage.

New Moon, New Energies

By the time that we arrive at the New Moon on November 23rd the Sun will have just moved into Sagittarius and the energy will be feeling much lighter and more flowing than previously in the month. We have Jupiter in Pisces turning direct which will again add to the sense of upliftment and spiritual connection.

The Influence of Scorpio

The sun moved into the constellation of Scorpio on October 23rd providing us with the perfect energetic backdrop to all the other planetary activity for November.

When the sun magnifies the watery feminine energies of Scorpio, the energetic focus is always one of deep inner transformation. Scorpio energy is warrior energy, and it will unequivocally take us deep into the subterranean world of our subconscious, emotional nature to confront anything that is holding us back.

There is a ‘death and rebirth’ flavour to these energies that can feel both intense and challenging if we are tempted to resist the proffered invitation to make any changes that might be necessary.

This is especially so this month with the focus created by the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on the Scorpio / Taurus axis. Do your best to flow with this deeply purifying, transformational energy to help you move forward this month with ease and grace.

A Grand Opportunity

The energetic flow this month has a serious focus on helping us to clear the old and move on into something new and very different.

The full moon lunar eclipse on November 8th is one of those watershed moments that we are likely to look back on and recognise as the catalyst for a paradigm shift that has been very transformational in nature.

In the short term we may well find ourselves redirected in various ways that at the time seem unexpected, perhaps uncomfortable, and possibly even challenging. We have been in the flow of this energy for several weeks now so you will probably be familiar with the themes that are particularly highlighted for you. You may be able to see clearly what needs your attention in order for you to move on in a new way. It is also possible that you are still working on this, so in this situation remember to stay centred in your heart and allow space for what needs to reveal itself to do so.

There is a lot of very fixed energy around at the beginning of the month and especially around the eclipse time which will have the effect of creating internal tensions, and lots of intensity.

All full Moon’s bring illumination and expanded emotions and when there is an accompanying eclipse, endings, and completions as well. In a situation like this one where the eclipse is on the north node of the moon it is clearly signalling to us that we are about to take a new direction in our evolution both individually and collectively.

Since we are already in the middle of a massive shift from third to fifth dimensional consciousness this is a grand opportunity for us to review all of what we have previously believed and let it upgrade and expand in new ways.

Review Your Assumptions

Something that will help us greatly with this is to focus on bringing all of our unconscious assumptions into greater awareness. Begin to question all of your assumptions so that anything that you have thought of as being ‘just how things are’ has an opportunity to be reviewed and re-evaluated in the light of new possibilities. Allow this to take place at every level of your being, from the physical through the emotional/mental and into the spiritual.

Third dimensional living has created many ‘boxes’ which we have agreed to fit into in so many different ways. For instance, the agreement that we will conform to the idea that the source of knowledge and wisdom lies outside ourselves with an ‘authority’ of some sort. Maybe in the past this has worked for us but now we need to question this assumption because the energies of the moment are pushing us in the direction of greater self-empowerment and recognition of our own soul/spirit.

Maybe we hold an assumption deep down that our survival and safety is dependant upon us fitting in with the 3D story of how things are. However, what if that were not true and instead, we could remember that we are sovereign beings each with our own gifts and talents that are important at this time.

Maybe one of our unconscious assumptions is that we are not ‘good’ enough in some way, so we have been hiding who we are. If so, this would be an excellent moment to review that and to begin to own who we are in all our uniqueness and beauty.

This month the energies of Scorpio will be encouraging us to dig deep into our underworld of assumptions and to review and re-evaluate. If you should find yourself feeling a bit squeezed with this especially around the time of the eclipse, then take a moment to step back, breath, and then have a good look at where you might be trying unconsciously to fit something new into an old box where it simply will not fit.

Once you have seen this the intensity of the situation will lessen, and you will be able to move on with a new foundation.

Essence Suggestions for November

There is a lot going on energetically this month so there are many essences that we could choose to highlight as being potentially helpful but let’s start with some that would particularly help you to work with changing your perspectives.

Review Your Assumptions

This is a theme that would be particularly valuable for all of us to consider this month. As we have said in the earlier part of this newsletter the energies this month are focussed very intensely on helping us to change our old stories and upgrade our perceptions. This essentially involves a change in consciousness, an opportunity to embrace a new perspective on something not as yet seen.

Here is a selection of essences that will help you with this, all in slightly different ways;

-> Brow Chakra Essence is particularly good to use when you need some general support to open up to the bigger picture of both you and life.

-> Vision (Inner Child Essence) is particularly good for those who remember having access to an expanded visionary aspect of themselves in early childhood and then choosing to shut it off in order to cope with everyday life.

-> Clarityreleasing confusion is the one to use if you cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’ and need some help to expand your perspective so that you can.

-> Inner Wisdomconnecting heart & mind is a good choice if you feel that you need to expand your ability to see things from the perspective of the heart and higher mind.

-> Angelic Giftsfriends in high places is a wonderful spray to use when you want some assistance from the Angelic Realm. Use it to help you expand your consciousness and to connect more fully with the Angels who are always able to help you see the expanded perspective of any situation.

Anchoring the Light

We have been receiving larger and larger quantities of high frequency light over the last little while and this month we are likely to see the quantity of this expand again. If you have been finding yourself unusually tired, a bit dizzy, unable to sleep, full of extra aches and pains etc, you are in good company. This seems to be what is happening to many people as they anchor this high frequency light.

Essence combinations that can help us to anchor and absorb light more easily are

-> Inner Light opening to the light, and;

-> Soul Connection  enlightenment.

You might also like to check out the Star Tetrahedron essence as another possibility in this category.

Stay Calm & Balanced

When the energies get intense it is not unusual for drama and out of balance behaviours to become more common. If you should find yourself in the midst of this over the next few weeks, remember to breath and detach from the drama. 

In a situation where something deep and uncomfortable has been triggered off for you very best essences to turn to initially are the traditional English flower essences pioneered by Dr Edward Bach. These gentle acting flower essences will very quickly pull you back into balance and help you to get a more detached perspective on the situation that you face.

They are best used in combinations of 7 or 8 essences and taken often and consistently over a period of time.

-> Traditional English Flower Essences

Finally, why not try treat yourself to an Angel of Transmutation Spray to help you keep your vibrational frequency high and easily let go of anything old that you no longer need.

This blog post was originally written and published by Crystal Herbs in October 2022 and appears on the Basking In Light Wholesale Essences blog with permission and courtesy of Crystal Herbs.

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