Aligning with the Bigger Picture - June's Energy Flow & Essence Suggestions

Aligning with the Bigger Picture - June's Energy Flow & Essence Suggestions

The energetic flow throughout June is fast flowing and ripe with opportunities to expand our consciousness and to embrace more of who we truly are with loving awareness.

Inevitably we will find ourselves challenged from time to time in this very purposeful energy flow because it will not allow us to pass up the opportunity to release any old stories or issues that it might illuminate for us. However, if we are willing to meet the challenges with courage and integrity it will support and help us to make new more life enhancing choices.

Staying in our hearts and remembering that there is a much bigger picture and a plan that goes with it that is in the process of working out very successfully will definitely help with this. We are each an integral part of this plan and we have incarnated knowing that we have everything we need to be able to do our part to help the plan to unfold. You may only be remembering this consciously now and that is perfectly OK.

The energies this month are designed to help you recall more of who you are and why you are here. With every influx of high frequency energy that we are able to assimilate and anchor it becomes easier for us to remember who we are and why we are here.

Stepping out of the old disempowering stories and limiting beliefs then becomes so much easier because they no longer have any resonance for us.

Gemini & The Festival of Humanity

All the planetary activity taking place this month is set against the backdrop of the inflowing energies from the constellation of Gemini, represented astrologically by the sign of the twins.


Gemini focuses the potent forces of the second Ray of Love & Wisdom, so while the sun is in Gemini, we receive a heightened flow of the unifying, harmonising energies of unconditional love.

The third great spiritual festival of the year, the Festival of Humanity is celebrated on the Gemini full moon, (sun in Gemini and moon in Sagittarius). As the combined energies of Love and Wisdom pour onto the planet, the accumulated energies from the two previous spiritual festivals (those in Aries & Taurus) are synthesised and distributed, raising consciousness, and bringing a focus to the healing of duality.

It is helpful to keep this focus for the month in mind because it will help you remember the bigger picture and your connection to the whole.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

The full moon this month was on June 3rd / 4th, depending upon where in the world you live. This was a very insightful full moon, that particularly brought a focus to themes related to justice, truth, integrity, and honesty.

A quick look around the world stage will give you many examples of where things that have been out of alignment with truth and integrity for a long time, are now being brought into the open in ways that do not allow them to be re hidden.  

It is possible that you have also had some insights into your own inner world that helped you to see where you could come into alignment with your own deep truth more fully. Keep working with these insights because there is great freedom in allowing yourself to do this fully.

Pluto Moves Back into Capricorn

We will experience a change in the energy flow on June 11th as Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn where it will stay for the rest of this year. This will take the focus back to power and control issues and the transformation of big organisations that are not serving the highest good of all. Keeping a focus on how we would like the future to look as changes in these structures take place will help something new to come forward.

These next few months will be an opportunity for us to stabilise and finish the transformational process that has been gradually taking place since 2008 when Pluto first began its tour of Capricorn.


New Moon in Gemini

The new moon this month is in Gemini on June 18th. There is much creative energy available to us at the time of this new moon which we can best use from a heart space to set new intentions for how we wish to go forward.

Our hearts know the bigger picture and will guide us to align with our part of the unfolding plan. It is helpful to remember that your everyday mind does not have the capacity to understand the bigger picture in the way that your heart does, so if you start to feel confused just take a breath and move back into your heart.

This will also be a good time to reach out to others of like mind and take pleasure in their company as well as to expand your capacity to love and appreciate yourself.

Cancer Solstice

The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21st at 3.57pm triggering the June Solstice. Solstices and Equinoxes are the times in the year when the veils to the higher realms are at their thinnest and when the planetary grid lines come into harmony with each other.

At these times we are able to connect with the cosmos and with Source more fully. These are also the times in the year when we receive particularly potent, life enhancing streams of high frequency light, and evolutionary codes to help expand our consciousness. The intensity of these downloads of energy has been growing over recent years as our capacity to receive and integrate them has expanded.

This month we will receive some more very high frequency light flowing in around the solstice, designed to help us with our evolutionary journey. Take the opportunity to ride this wave of energy and allow it to take you more fully into your power as a spiritual being. This is positive, life enhancing energy that will take us all forward in very positive ways.

The last few days of June will bring us some quite volatile intense energies that may easily stir up some challenge and drama. This will be a good time to remember to stay calm, balanced and connected with your heart and the bigger perspective that this offers you.

Aligning with the Bigger Picture

The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21st at 3.57pm triggering the June Solstice. Solstices and Equinoxes are the times in the year when the veils to the higher realms are at their thinnest and when the planetary grid lines come into harmony with each other.

The flow of energy from the cosmos this month is building towards a watershed moment of intensely transformational energy that will flow in around the solstice on June 21st. We will all feel this energy in different ways, and it will carry us forward to the extent that we are able to allow it.

A willingness to stand in the sovereignty, power and beauty of our own light is important since anything other than this will create uncomfortable resistance. Allow the light and love of Source to flow through you and to anchor deeply into your heart and on into the Earth. Do your best to avoid falling into anything that is revealed as needing transformation in the process and just stay in your heart with awareness of who you are and allow anything that is not you the space to release and transform.

This is a wonderful expression of how the bigger picture and the plan that unfolds from it is currently working out in our lives. The energies flowing in this month are designed to remind us how to align with that bigger picture so that we can help bring it to fruition.

At a soul level we have all had a part in constructing the plan that is now unfolding. We have incarnated bringing with us the soul gifts gathered from previous experiences that we will need in order to do our bit. You may not be fully conscious of what these are at the moment, but you will find that when you connect deeply with yourself at a heart and soul level, they will start to become clearer for you, especially in the energy flow that we have this month.

The Unfolding Plan

When you align with the bigger picture you remember that you are a vast being of light that is eternally connected to Source throughout the many layers and dimensions of existence. You see the plan that is unfolding on Earth as a part of humanities evolutionary journey back to unity consciousness and reconnection of our wholeness and responsibility as powerful cocreators. You see that now is the time for all of the old stories, patterns, and illusions of third dimensional existence to be upgraded and replaced with new, more life enhancing ways of relating and existing. You also see that you are here with purpose to help this plan unfold, knowing that this can only happen at a physical level through the choices and actions of those incarnated in a human physical body.

Choosing to be You

The energetic flow this month is going to offer us yet another opportunity to choose to bring forward more of our true selves – the essence of you as a whole being. It will do this in two very obvious ways. One, it will seek to remind you of who are at a multidimensional level and two, it will clearly reveal to you what is standing in the way of you owning who you truly are.

We are all very familiar with this process now, yet it can still take us by surprise if we do not stay awake and aware or have a blind spot when it comes to seeing ourselves from a more expanded, loving perspective. Remember that we are vibrational beings and the frequencies that we choose to allow in our fields will determine the level of awareness that we can hold around an issue or situation. If we allow ourselves to fall too deeply into an old story, then we can temporarily disable our abilities to remember who we truly are.

Making a conscious choice on a daily basis to expand your connection with your true self or soul will really help you to flow with the energies that we are being offered this month. This will also allow you to see the old stories more clearly for what they are – just something that you took on as part of your human experience that has nothing to do with the being that you truly are. Choose to be You as fully as you can this month and allow everything else to fall into place around you.

Essence Suggestions for June

In our essence suggestions this month we have chosen to focus on the all-important theme of choosing to be you. As we have said earlier in this newsletter the energies this month are going to offer us an expanded opportunity to explore this theme in great detail. Firstly, by reminding us of who we are at a multidimensional level and secondly by revealing with great clarity what stands in our way of fully owning this in our current human existence.

Vibrational essences provide us with some wonderful tools to assist us with this exciting journey of transformation so here are some suggestions for essences that might be particularly useful this month.

Choosing to be You

Let’s start with some essences to assist with remembering who you truly are at a multidimensional level. This requires opening up our higher chakras and energy bodies so that the light can flow fully into these points of connection. As they become more activated our capacity to remember and integrate more light becomes greater and we are able to hold on to the awareness of who we are when not in a physical body more completely.  

-> Soul Connection Essence; enlightenment

-> Crown Chakra Essence

-> Inner Light Essence; opening to the light

-> Flower of Life Essence can be very helpful when it comes to reconnecting with your original blueprint.  We particularly enjoy using this in its spray form because this provides a very instant realignment and reconnection when we have temporarily forgotten who we are.

Loving Yourself

A key part of this journey that we are all on is the need to remember how to love and appreciate ourselves.This is something that we can all find difficult from time to time because the inability to do this is so much part of our old third dimensional patterning.There are so many ways that we have been taught that love is something outside of ourselves that we have to earn in some way, that we have lost the ability to see ourselves as loveable just for who we are.

The truth is that we are Love, it is our true nature and what we are made from at a very deep level. Refusing to love and appreciate ourselves, either consciously or unconsciously, has been the cause of so much pain and suffering down the ages. We cannot move forward without addressing this and now is definitely the time to do this.

If the energies this month bring this issue into your awareness check out the following essences to see which would best assist you on your journey back to love.

Retrieving Yourself from an Old Story

If you should find that you have fallen into an old story this month and forgotten who you are from the bigger perspective, panic not. We all end up in this place from time to time and often all we need is some appropriate essences to help us climb out of the hole again.

In this situation take a moment to breath and connect in with yourself. Feel into the emotions that you are experiencing and take careful note of any thoughts that accompany them. Let your breath take you back into your heart and just allow and observe what has been triggered off.

If you are feeling very unbalanced, then the best essences to turn to first will be the Traditional English Flower Essences. A well-chosen combination of 7 or 8 of these taken often will normally restore you to greater balance quite quickly. 

If you prefer to start working at a deeper level straight away, then identify the issue that has been revealed as most standing in your way and choose a deeper acting essence to deal with this. Essences from The Divine Harmony range is especially beneficial for dealing with some of the most prominent patterns we all carry.

This blog post was originally written and published by Crystal Herbs in June 2023 and appears on the Basking In Light Wholesale Essences blog with permission and courtesy of Crystal Herbs.

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